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Embracing your inner Goddess

The focus over the colder months of winter has been on the self and healing those deep traumas that many of us have been carrying with us for years. Many of us experienced deep healing over these past few months, healing that released hidden pains and shifted old blockages. As we begin to feel the first stirrings of spring the biggest change that comes is that the healing work quietens. It's still ongoing, it's just slower. More people are coming to me asking “why am I stuck?” rather than “how can I heal?”. The good news, you’re not stuck! 

Because we are in the warming days of winter, we are energetically speaking, in-between seasons. It's not the depths of winter anymore (even if it feels like it sometimes!) and it's not yet Spring. This is the time of resting. It's the pause in our internal work and a chance to simply take a breath and really integrate the healings we have experienced and the changes we have made. It's also time to begin making plans.  

With the coming of the Spring, it is time to channel our own inner Goddess towards that energy of rebirth, renewal, new life and new growth. It’s time to take the positive changes we made over the winter and prepare the ground to allow them to flourish and become fully formed and entirely embraced as part of us. It’s also time to look at what we have chosen to set aside on our journey. Thank it for protecting us while we needed that protection and then lay it down with love and gratitude. These things form the rich soil in which the new life we are birthing in ourselves will grow and come to full bloom. Just like a farmer uses this time of year to plan his crops and to map out how and where he will plant them, it’s time for us to look forward, to plan how we will use our new healing in our lives.  

As the Earth begins to awaken this spring, you can also make a conscious choice of embracing the newness of your personal healing work. Look to the teachings of the Goddess to inspire you and strengthen your resolve. She is always there, whispering lightly in your ear.  It is up to you to listen.

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