Kitchen Witch Guide and Mentor 

Lisa has been interested in things spiritual and metaphysical since her pre-teen years. She started to seriously study them via various books and authors in her early twenties.  Lisa was privileged to spend several years in Georgia, living with and studying under the High Priestess and High Priest of a Mystery Tradition. Since then she has been following the solitary path common to the Kitchen Witch. A kitchen simply isn't big enough to host a full circle!

Her particular areas of study include practical magick, daily magickal living, and oracle work. Her aim with all the classes she offers is to help people connect with whichever facet of Deity that calls to them, and to guide them towards daily practices they can incorporate into their lives to help feed the spark within.

Lisa is available for regularly scheduled classes that focus on practical magick and connecting with deities.  Look for her Kitchen Witch series in the event listings.