Mission Statement:   By providing spiritual education, community building, and wellness products and services, Zinzeudo Infinite Wellness guides people to raise their consciousness in order to live a more fulfilling and abundant life.

Zinzeudo Infinite Wellness was born out of the combined vision of Jen Heinen and Danny Dickerson. Jen and Danny have a love of life that they seamlessly apply to their desire to help others live a healthy life.

Jen started her metaphysical supply business, Zinzeudo, online in 2009. When she and Danny moved to their cute brick house, she decided to open Zinzeudo to the public as the first physical location in 2014.

Danny started his personal training and nutritional consulting business, Rosedale Nutrition, in 2012. He sees clients at his studio gym located on the same property as Zinzeudo Infinite Wellness, as well as in-home clients.

In the fall of 2015, Jen and Danny decided to combine forces and create a wellness center that would offer natural products to support a healthy lifestyle, as well as a host of wellness services in the holistic health field.

Today, they enjoy holding seasonal Open House events to give the community the chance to sample free classes and reduced rates on services. They also hold several monthly classes in the holistic health field, a regular drumming circle and provide new products on a regular basis.  You can also see them at one of several of their crystal shows throughout the year.