Ceremonial Facilitator Divine Cosmic Yoga & Meditation Journey Instructor | Spiritual Life Coach

Services offered:
Zinzeudo University Instructor

Stephanie Guerrero-Vasquez truly lives her work. As a Sacred Holder of Space & Ceremonial Facilitator, she works with Spirit and the Energies around us. Having always been a Spiritual Seeker and Student at heart, she grew up with a great Imagination that was always exploring realms of multi-dimensionality. She began her journey of exploring health and illness the conventional route by studying Chemistry and pursued a Masters in Clinical Nutrition. After graduation she focused on working with clients as a health coach, before realizing that health was not just about focusing on your physical health through diet and exercise alone.

That is where she was led to go deeper at the root causes, the beliefs that the subconscious mind has created and attached to; and began working at a more Energetic and Spiritual level by integrating shamanic practices and Energy work in order to help her clients better navigate their life Journey. Whether working in a private session or leading a Yoga and Meditation Journey, the intention isn't just to practice and feel "relaxed" but rather a ceremony , where we enter a transformational space with the intention to rewire subconscious stories, limiting beliefs, and release stored energy in the body . By learning the tools to work with all areas of our life, new habits begin to form- transforming what we once found ourselves reacting to, unconsciously; to living Life more authentically , Conscious, and Empowered On this Path to Expressing and Embodying our Soul's Truth.

Her desire is to share how we can create our own daily life experiences that feel like a Sacred Practice. Where everything we do, the interactions we have, anything and everything we set our focus, energy, and attention towards; and learning to see things from a different higher perspective; can often times be the shift we need to see, make, and experience a change in our lives. One in which our life can begin to grow lighter and more at peace with the world we experience. As we focus with intention, we get the answers we seek, the help we want. Wherever we are on our journey to wholeness, when we are fully present in body, with the mind, and the heart, we begin to see harmony between Spirit and Soul.