Herbal Consultations can easily be done from a distance via phone or video chat. As always, consults are free of charge. Client simply pays for the products. We will ship them directly to you.

We carry nearly 100 different dried herbs that can be used for various medicinal purposes.  Herbal preparations such as salves, teas and tinctures are also available in the shop.  We discuss individual health concerns and recommend our products, or create special formulations, as needed by the client.

We offer a wide variety of hand crafted products made from clinical grade essential oils such as aromatherapy inhalers, room sprays, candles, massage oils, lip balms, sachets, soaps and bath salts.  Single note essential oils and therapeutic blends also available. We offer a free evaluation that addresses individual health concerns.  Specialty formulated products are available based on the need of the client.


Consultations are free, client pays for custom made products, or recommended products available in the shop.

Contact us at bookings@zinzeudo.com or (410) 686-0185 to schedule your free consultation.