Babaylan (Filipino Shaman) | Intuitive Reader | Psychic Medium | Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Services offered:
Intuitive Readings


Iris Salita (she/her) is a Babaylan who is greatly influenced by the healing arts and wisdom of her indigenous Filipino roots. Her current offerings include womb wellness yoga, working with plant medicines, psychic mediumship readings, tarot and oracle card readings, and yoga and meditation sessions.

From a young age Iris connected to Spirit in different forms, from duwendes (earth elementals) and fairies to ancestors and spirit guides. She felt an undeniable connection to nature and the elements and tapped into the intuitive wisdom that was all around her.

Over the years, Iris felt societal pressure to hide her gifts due to the unwelcoming and fear-based ideologies others had regarding spiritual abilities. Fortunately, after two life-changing psychic medium readings, Iris accepted Spirit’s call to be of service to humanity as a healer and intuitive.

In 2021, Iris lived at an ashram and immersed herself in the practice of yoga. She became a certified yoga teacher and is currently teaching yoga and meditation practices to diverse communities. Iris hosts and facilitates monthly Women’s Circles (or Moon Circles) to assist women on their spiritual journeys. She leads thoughtful discussions on topics such as intuition, sacred sexuality, womb wisdom, and living one’s dharma. 

Iris is multi-passionate and feels fulfilled being of service to her aligned community. When she's not doing spiritual work Iris likes to dance, spend time in nature, rollerskate, try new recipes, read, and take care of her plants.

Iris is dedicated to empowering people, revealing their freest spirit, and helping them to live their most authentic lives. Ready to embody your laya kaluluwa?