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Color Magic: Orange

Orange radiates a natural warmth and happiness, making it the color of social communication and a favorite of adventure seekers. It is the perfect blend of the stimulation found in the color red melded with the bright cheerfulness of yellow.

It's slightly higher in vibration than red and is the color associated with creativeness and the Sacral chakra. It is also often associated with the stomach, gut reactions and instincts. It does not have the same fire as red which is why it is associated with our instincts rather than our physical responses to things.

Orange is considered to be uplifting and optimistic, helping us to recover quickly from disappointments and hurts, especially grief. It is so powerful in bringing optimism that we should try to make it present every day of our lives even in small ways. It will help you stay motivated and [positive about everything.

Orange is extroverted and uninhibited, it relates to social communication, stimulating two way conversations. Orange also stimulates the appetite. If you entertaining then orange will keep your guests sitting and talking for hours and hours. If you don't want bright orange in your dining room then look to pastel shades like apricot or peach or even deeper versions such as terracotta. They are more subtle yet still increase the appetite and promote conversation and interaction, which will encourage your guests to have a great time.

Obviously if you want to lose weight, orange may not be the best choice for your kitchen and dining room!

Orange helps to free you from limitations and take on new ideas. It also can get the creative juices following so is a cheerful way to escape writers block. It aids in capturing the freedom to be yourself while encouraging respect of yourself and of others.

The orange candles and altar decor can be used in spells related to balance, memory, sharing, kindness, business, legal issues, ambition, uncrossing, controlling emotion, obtaining information, confidence, charm, encouragement, attraction and optimism.


Peach: Encourages communication and conversation. Inspires good manners and puts people at ease. A softer, gentler form of Orange.

Golden Orange: Encourages vitality and self-control.

Amber: Inspires confidence and raises self esteem.

Correspondences for the Color Orange

Element: Fire

Direction: South

Chakra: Sacral

Planet: Mercury or Mars

Days of the Week: Tuesday or Wednesday

Holidays: Harvest, Samhain

Number: 2

Tools: Wand, Censer

Tarot: Eights

Healing: Nervous disorders

Feng Shui: The color orange promotes socialization, conversation and good times.

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