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Invoking the Ganesha Current

While I wouldn’t consider myself to be Hindu, I have worked with Lord Ganesha for several years.  I don’t even believe in God, per se, as in an entity greater than myself that I would feel compelled to worship.  I do, however, understand that there are many different frequencies in and around this planet, as well as the wider universe, that humans and other living beings can tap into.  I consider them energy currents for lack of a better description.  These energy currents are vibrational patterns that manifest in different ways.  Certain currents may manifest as prosperity, love, gratitude, or even jealousy or anger.

 I work with Ganesha as an energy current, one that is very powerful and has been “tapped” for thousands of years.  Ganesha resonates with the root chakra, the energetic center of our etheric body that vibrates closely with survival, purpose and being rooted, or grounded.  Colors associated with Ganesha are black and red, or other deep, dark earthy colors.  When working with Ganesha, I choose earthy scents like patchouli and red sandalwood, but because of his joyous nature, lighter, happier scents are added such as lotus, gardenia, rose and jasmine. 

 Ganesha is where you would begin if you were interested in learning about Hindu spirituality, or if you wanted to start down a path that is very non-western.  And while many people have different experiences with Ganesha, my own experience is what I am relaying to you today. 

 Work with Ganesha if you want to be challenged, yet nurtured at the same time.  The Ganesha current is supportive and loving, but it will also show you parts of yourself that need to be changed.  They say that Ganesha is the “remover of obstacles”, however I see this aspect of this current as the practitioner finding answers to removing their own obstacles as they begin to become enlightened about parts of themselves that they never understood before.  Invoking his energies can also help you move through tough decisions, realize new paths to take to solve a problem and clear the mind of clutter.

 To begin working with the Ganesha current, I suggest chanting his mantra, which is OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA.  The mantra, like all mantras, are sacred sounds that are formed by the voice that cause healing to take place, or balance to occur. The translation from Sanskrit to English doesn't really matter because the vibrations you are creating by chanting the mantras are doing the work deep below the conscious mind. However, for a little more background, the chant loosely means:

OM: This is the vibratory power of consciousness itself. It is the best way to open and close a meditation. It is also considered a way of greeting the Gods with reverence.

GAM: When you chant GAM, you are chanting that part of you that is rooted yet transformative, powerful and wise yet still deeply sweet. This is Ganesha's sound.

GANAPATAYE: This is the formal name of Ganesha, the sweet and steadfast elephant-headed son of Shiva

NAMAHA: Another sign of reverence, a typical way to end a mantra, a sort of bowing of the head in honor of the healing work that you are doing.

{OM} Evoking everything that exists, {GAM} specifically the deepest transformative vibratory potency of consciousness, {GANAPATAYE} called Ganesha. {NAMAHA} I bow my head.

You can use a mala, or prayer beads, with 108 beads. You would use the mala beads by holding the first bead on the mala while chanting one iteration the mantra, then moving your fingers to the next bead while chanting it again, and thus so down the line until you reach the end of the mala. I suggest chanting the mantra at least nine times in a row, as nine is the number of completion. Consider the number nine as a magical “set”, and you can do three sets of nine, six sets of nine, and so on. The typical ending point is 108, which comes to twelve sets of nine. Most malas come with 108 beads for this reason.

 This is how I work with the Ganesha current.  You can add other currents, such as Lakshmi for manifestation magic, and learn her mantra, as well.  Once you try this for yourself, you will see what doors open up for you and how better your life becomes.

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