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November Full Moon Tarot Reading

Moon in Taurus

This spread is simply full of water, that means that this is going to be a very emotional time for many of us. A time of healing and releasing of old hurts, and a time of embracing forgiveness and growth. Taurus brings with it incredible energy for prosperity and when we embrace that and marry it to love, its a powerful equation that will fill your life with good things.

This full moon is the peak of a wave of change that has been rolling through the world all year. We are being called on to release the old stale emotions and hurts that we have been clinging to like misers. No more taking them out to wallow in old pains. Now is the time to flow with the emotions, ride the wave of grief and pain and let your tears wash your soul clean. Forgive those that have hurt you. It doesn't mean you have to embrace them, or allow them into your life. It is in fact, a conscious choice not to let them hurt you any more. When you forgive them you take away any power that they still hold over you.

Much of how this moon affects us is going to be decided by how we react to what happens around us. To clean, we have to stir up the dust, know that it is temporary and you will be able to control it. Remember that how we feel is a choice, we are not owned by our emotions, rather, we own our emotions, they are a tool that allows us to experience the world around us. Claim your power and you will influence how the world around you feels. Above all, don't let yourself get swept up in the drama, step back and observe what is happening, then act accordingly.

As we release the past we open the doors of our life and allow the Universe room to work and move. This means change, but its not scary. The Universe wants to use the energies of this moon to flood your life with prosperity and good fortune. Make a point of giving love and positive energy and influence to those around you. It's an ages old law of physics, maths and magic, every action has an opposite and equal reaction. When you give love and support to those around you, you make room in your life for more of the same to flow to you.

Be grateful for everything and everyone in your life. When you say thank you for the small things, you make room for the Universe to bring you the big things.

In Detail

1: Releasing – Things to let go of in your life.

XXIII Integrity - The integrity card appears in this position as a gentle reminder that everyone in the course of their life does things that are less than honorable. At some point we have all lied, or deliberately hurt someone, or made a choice that was less than honest. Now, when the moon rides at her highest she is shining a light into your life, spotlighting all those little events in your past that make you squirm to remember them. She is asking you to let them go, forgive yourself. You are human, and the you that made those mistakes is not the you that you are today. As you forgive yourself, so too, you should reach deep inside and release old hurts and forgive those who caused them. It doesn't mean you need to be friends with them, or even speak with them ever again, but for your own peaceful spirit you need to make peace with the past and forgive those who hurt you.

2: Retaining – Things to hold close to you

Five of Water - The moon rules the tides and our emotions, she sees the things that we hold closest and most private. She sees the grief and hurt that we hide from the world around us. The theme of this full moon however is release and healing. While the five of Water is a card of grief it is also the first step in the healing process. Release your feelings. Know that you are safe and allow yourself to grieve for lost loves, allow yourself to weep over past hurts. Let the emotions flow naturally and let yourself flow with them. Its ok to grieve, its ok to cry. Even if you do it alone know that the moonlight is bathing you in healing and love.

3. Receiving – Things that are coming into your life.

Ten of Water - The Ten of Water is the card of cycles ending and beginning, it is the card of completion and them here and now. It is a reminder that by forgiving and letting go you can move into living in a state of serene grace if you want it. If you focus on having a positive mindset and and living thankfully and joyfully you will begin to influence the world around you and imbue your life with an air of positivity. It's not about putting on rose colored glasses and refusing to see the bad in the world. It's about consciously choosing not to let it disrupt you or upset your chosen frame of mind.

4: Surroundings – How the world around you is affecting you.

Two of Air - the world around us is a study in polarity. There is no black and white, there is simply shades of gray. As I write this on the day before the full moon I can feel the energy riding upwards filled with stress and tension. The small explosions we are seeing around us in our personal lives and in the greater world are release values for this pressure. The world is wanting you to see everything in darker and darker shades of gray. It is up to you to respond by letting your light shine brighter.

5: Giving – What you can give to others.

XXIV Faith - You are enough. It's a simple phrase but when spoken with love and compassion it can erase a world of self doubt and fear. Reach out to those around you and assure them that they ARE enough. They can do what it is they need to do. Give love, give hope, give faith.

6: Beginning – Something new that is beginning soon.

XVIII Thought - Our thoughts shape our world and the very fabric of our existence. The thought card in this position suggests that what is coming to birth in our lives will be a direct result of our thoughts in the here and now. You can and do shape your own life every single day. Turn your thoughts towards harmony and prosperity and that is what you will bring to birth.

7: Your lesson – What you can learn from this.

Eight of Water - Gratitude is the key to everything. If you give a child a present and they just snatch it and run away, or they complain that it is not good enough, are you inclined to give them anything else? It's the same with us and the Universe. When we remember to be grateful for the small things in life, then we open the door for the Universe to bring us more and more good stuff. Be grateful for the small things in life, for food, for love, for a roof over your head and for every breath you take. There is always something to be grateful for.

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