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November Crystal of the Month: Danburite

I have had Danburite in my personal collection for many years. At a glance, it can be mistaken for quartz. But on examination we find that Danburite has four faces or sides to the crystal, where quartz has six. It has a crisp, bright sparkle that draws attention. This is what first caught my eye. Now I appreciate it for its inner sparkle.

Danburite is a stone that brings enlightenment. When we are overwhelmed with emotion, it will bring clarity to the situation. It accomplishes this by opening the crown and third eye chakras, allowing a more spiritual energy  to be mixed with the emotions of the heart. Understanding replaces fear. The situation does not change, however our reaction to the situation does. Danburite brings a broader spiritual point of view to our life circumstances. The narrow ego-driven vision of life is replaced with spiritual understanding. As we become more aware that we truly are light beings, life doesn’t seem so harsh.

During meditation Danburite brings us to a higher state of consciousness, allowing us to hear our inner truth, that divine voice within. When it’s time for a big change in life, Danburite facilitates deep change and helps us leave our past behind. This change can include moving on to the next life. It also helps us identify those parts of our character that are still driven by our ego. As these deficiencies are brought up, Danburite shows us how to apply our divine light to overcome this darkness. With this understanding, Danburite helps to clear chronic conditions like allergies or asthma. It helps to detoxify the body and aids motor and muscular functions. It can be made into an elixir used for cleansing the body. It also enhances the electrolytic properties of our body fluids, allowing the fluids of life to flow more easily.

Danburite is a very powerful stone whose energy is angelic, soft and calming. It has been my friend and aid for many years.

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