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Becoming the Wheel: Ostara

When we are aware of the energy that moves around us, we begin to naturally pattern our lives with the cycles that it moves in. We become more aware of the points in the cycle that mark beginnings and ends, highs and lows.   


One of the first things we become aware of is that during the year, different actions become easier or harder depending on the season. In the summer, it becomes more difficult to focus on introspective activities because the energy at that time is one of action, of doing. The colder, slower energies of winter are perfectly aligned with pausing and looking inwards, with self-care and healing. In the autumn we want to see what we have; we want to gain rewards for the work done and look back at what we have achieved. In spring however, it is a time of planning and planting, of setting goals and looking forward.  


With Ostara around the corner many of us are feeling the energy of spring. A restlessness, a craving for fresh green food, a need to be looking forward and making plans. Maybe not doing it just yet but wanting to plan out the steps we will take. The equinox itself marks the time when day and night are equal, it is also one of only two times in the year when the sun rises in the due east and sets in the due west. The equinoxes are the two points in the year when everything, including eggs on their points, is perfectly balanced.  


Perfectly poised between the cold depths of winter and the long hot days of summer, the Spring Equinox is the time to pause, perfectly balanced between both and take a breath. Take a moment to celebrate ourselves and the internal healing work we did over the winter. Give thanks to the Universe for guiding us safely through the storms we have weathered and the lessons we have learned. Then look forward, what from these lessons are we taking forward into the Summer? What are we planting in our lives to nurture and bring to blossom?  

Moreso than the New Year, this time is aligned with fresh starts, with casting off self-destructive habits and with setting our new course. It’s time to bloom, breathe, create, procreate, and reap the sweetness of what we have manifested, as we are brought even closer to the light.  


Perhaps the simplest, but most personal Equinox ritual we can perform this Spring is to set aside time on the 22nd of March to reassess our life. If we deliberately open the doors by listing even one minor change we want to see in our lives. That not only draws the change closer, it also sets in motion the energy that enables us to make larger changes. One change might seem insignificant at first, but one change sets the foundation that we can then use to build the major change we want to see. 


Is there something you want to leave behind? Now is the time to wish it well and purpose to move forward. Is there something you want to bring into your life? Write it down, break it down into small effortless steps that you know you can take one at a time. It might seem like a tiny thing when compared to the larger change you want to see. Just remember, every journey is made up of thousands of individual footsteps, reaching our goals is no different. 

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