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March 23rd: Pluto enters Aquarius

Pluto moves incredibly slowly through the signs of the Zodiac, affecting major changes as it transits each one. On March 23rd, Pluto will enter Aquarius for the first time since 1777. Last time this happened we saw a near complete upheaval of society, The estate-based feudal system ended, Church and State separated, human and civil rights were set in place, and freedom of trade became the norm. While this change was in process though, we also saw the malefic side of Pluto with some royal houses taking brutal action against their own subjects, the upheaval of the French revolution. It's no coincidence that 1776, when we would have first started feeling the shift in energies, marked the start of the American revolutionary war. This one act of defiance has echoed through history, having a global impact on the structure of the world with the right to self-governance now the accepted power structure. We can see these events echoed in the upheaval in Russia and Iran today, and the shifting social balance in America. 

Pluto is about power, transformation, regeneration and ending anything that can impede growth. Aquarius is the sign of the rebel and is all about change and innovation. It is also very much a sign of humanitarianism and of social justice. These two together can be a recipe for powerful worldwide change. While the two travel together we can expect to see a shift in just who holds the balance of power in the world. While it has until now been a very top-down approach, Aquarius-Pluto will upend that to a bottom-up approach over the next twenty years. It will also shine a powerful spotlight on corruption and toxicity that affects the greater good of the population, bringing many things to light so they can be removed, and the collective energy redirected. Aquarius being the sign of the inventor and freethinker, we can also expect to see many innovative ideas and advancements in science and technology over the next twenty years. 

What can this mean for us on a personal level? Many of us will find reason to become a lot more serious about social structures, politics and the reform of these areas to allow greater equality for everyone. We may see some dramatic upheavals within our own personal networks of friends and business contacts. Each of us may be asked to confront our own personal issues surrounding control and power related to individuality and our place in our friendship groups, and our associations.  

All this change of energy makes this the perfect time to closely examine how we view ourselves, what worth do we place on ourselves. Is self-love something we practice, or do we just fool ourselves into thinking we do? The topics within ourselves that we could be asked to reevaluate will not be comfortable, and they will have the potential to shake up our entire belief structure. Especially where it is centered around our self-worth and what we are capable of and our true value. Some will shy away from doing this work in favor of staying stubbornly right where they are, this is a valid choice. Others will dive right on into those murky waters and brave the nightmares that lurk within knowing that the short-term trauma this may cause is well worth the eventual outcome.  

The one thing we can be sure of is that no matter what form this transformation takes on a personal level, we will be provided with all the resources and support we could ever need.  

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