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Spring Cleaning
It’s that glorious time of year when it's finally warm enough to open the windows, but not so hot that we need to close them tight and turn on the Air Conditioning. The time of year when many of us revel in the sheer joy of a fresh breeze wafting through the house making everything feel brighter and fresher.

Centuries ago, this time of year was marked as the time when they opened the barn that occupied one half of the house and let the animals out to graze before settling in to clear out an entire winter’s worth of trash and accumulated animal and human detritus. While keeping the animals inside definitely helped keep the house warmer, it also made the place a lot more fragrant, and not in a good way. Thus, the advent of spring cleaning, a habit that is still deeply ingrained in us today.

When you pause to look beneath the mundane action to its effects on the visible and the invisible world, even the humblest of tasks takes on a new aura. Spring cleaning is not just about removing dust and making everything shiny clean. Looking beneath the act of dusting and polishing, Spring cleaning is about freshening and recharging the energy of a home. When our grandmothers reminded us to “sweep right into the corners” it was not just dust bunnies they were chasing.

For those of us used to sensing and working with energy, spring cleaning is about taking the energy that has piled up in the corners of our homes and encouraging it to cycle freely throughout the house and be refreshed. This is as simple as taking your besom and sweeping just an inch or so above the floor, being sure to sweep in and out of every cupboard, under the chairs, and yes, deep into the corners.

I like to start by smudging the house with Juniper (Palo Santo, or White Sage are also options) from top to bottom. I start on the top floor and move clockwise through the house, being sure to waft the smoke into every cupboard and corner I find. Some like to compose a small chant to repeat, I prefer to just see the energies as they move before me. When I reach the main floor, it's time to open all the doors and smudge each doorpost carefully.

Then, it is back to the top of the house, this time with besom in hand to sweep through the rooms that have been smudged. As I sweep each room, I open the windows so that I am gently ushering energy out and inviting fresh energy in at the same time. At this point in the process the difference in the feel of the house from when I first started is marked. The last touch is to usher the energy gently out the back door before inviting fresh energy in the front. Sometimes I finish with Sweetgrass, I feel it sets a seal on the positive energies that I just spent the last hour sweeping into the house. For this, rather than more smoke I like to use the Sweetgrass room spray. It smells lovely and, for me at least, seems like the perfect final addition.

This simple act can be deeply impactful on everyone living in the house. I find that sweeping like this often reduces small spats and arguments that can flare up when the weather turns brighter. It allows prosperity and abundance free reign to swirl into our lives. Inspirations and innovative ideas begin to turn up and offer their fresh viewpoints. The simple act of sweeping clear with magical intent can remove many blockages that may have been plaguing us.

I like to follow the magical cleaning with a mundane, physical cleaning. I have found that my entire household thrives better when i avoid the harsh chemical mixes often found in commercial preparations in favor of a more natural cleaner that is just as powerful. My personal preference is to use vinegar for things like windows and mirrors and to use Zinzeudo's Green Clean for just about everything else.

If you don’t have a besom, then, like our ancestors, you can simply use your everyday broom. Just take it outside first and give it a good shake in the breeze to knock any dust and stale energy out of it. Decorating it with ribbons and spring flowers for the occasion is a lovely, but optional step. Magic is about us, our intentions and energy, not the tools we are using to bring those intentions to life.

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