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Becoming the Wheel: Beltane

Beltane, May 1st. The midpoint between the Spring equinox when everything is in balance, and the summer solstice, when growth is at its peak. Beltane is the beginning of that period of explosive growth, the time to plant what was planned at the Equinox. We all know about the big ways to celebrate Beltane, maypoles, bonfires, Spring rituals – but how do we make this personal? How do we condense the fiery energy of Beltane down into deeply personal small practices that we can use to empower us and continue the work of change we began in our lives with Imbolc?

Beltane is, first and foremost, a fertility festival. While a prime focus of fertility is procreation, as an energy it encompasses so very much more. Every inspiration, idea, and goal is a celebration of this fertile energy. Beltane is also the time of year when the veil is at its thinnest, just like its twin celebration of Samhain in the autumn. However, while Samhain’s energy is about drawing inwards and beginning a period of introspection and self-healing, Beltane is focused on reaching out, on growth, goals, connections and manifestations. Both are perfect times however to draw apart from the world, even for just a few moments, and consult with the divination tool of your choice as you set your goals for the next six months.

So how can we touch the Beltane energy and use it to empower our lives?

Meditate: Because this is one of the two times of the year when the veil is thinnest, it is also the time of year it is easiest to hear and communicate with our ancestors and guides. Setting aside time to simply be with this energy of growth and allowing ourselves to receive from them the pictures of what our lives will be like when we allow ourselves to bloom completely and fully. When we set aside fears and ego concerns and simply grow, reaching for our goals, hopes and dreams like there are no obstacles. Listen for the small words of guidance that offer us the next step to take to bring those dreams into reality.

Focus: Fertility. This is so much more than procreation. Every new idea, every meal we cook, every project we complete is fertility made physical. Fertility is every single breath we take, every inspiration we receive. It is the goals that we set and the steps that we outline as the way to reach that goal. Fertility is also the energy that helps us take each one of those steps as we carefully nurture our goals from their conception. Through their gestation and then to the time they are born, fully formed and take their place as part of the fabric of our lives. What do you want to achieve? What tangible milestones can you set for yourself that you know you can reach with just a little effort? Now is the time to plant these seeds and allow things to grow and bloom.

Write: Every goal is simply a dream until we give it form. Sitting down with pen and paper and beginning to jot down the small words that come through is one of the best ways to start building that new reality we want. With each word, we are pulling more of the fertile fire of Beltane into our lives. We are nurturing the soil of our soul and coaxing it to send forth the flowers that are the result of growth. Perhaps more importantly, we are gently and lovingly weeding that garden. Removing the rocks and stones that are the obstacles we may have placed in our own path. Nothing can grow unless we clear a path for it, this means setting aside what does not fit our vision. Sometimes this can be painful, but it does not all have to be done in one day. This is an on-going transformation that we set in motion at Imbolc and have been building on, day by day ever since. With Beltane, we select the seeds we want and breathe life into them.

Reflect: We can ask ourselves these questions, or, we can ask our guides, our tarot cards. Whatever form of divination you prefer (fire scrying would we utterly perfect for Beltane) These five questions can aid us in tapping into that energy and allowing it to take shape in our lives.

  1. What have I gained so far this year?
  2. What do I long to manifest into my life?
  3. What am I ready to release to empower my growth?
  4. What is my next right step on this path?
  5. What can I share with others to help empower them?

However we choose to welcome this fire into our lives, Beltane is the turning point between the hoped for and the manifested. It’s our job to direct it towards the inspirations we want to bring to a vibrant life.

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