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Seeking Clarity of Spirit

by Jen Heinen

The overall theme for January here at Zinzeudo is "Clarity of Spirit." What is that all about? Danny and I just got back from our Zinzeudo Tribe meetup for this month, which focused on sharing everyone's method of manifesting the life that they want. Appropriately for the general theme for this month, as well as what I've been hearing many people talk about lately, we found ourselves in a conversation mostly about how to better prepare ourselves in order to manifest that which we want in life.

You see, it's all about clarity. Not just being clear about what you want, because anyone with experience with manifestation will tell you that one of the key components is to be as detailed as possible when setting your intentions for manifestation. Before you even get that far down the path, you gotta clear away the garbage first. Clear the obstacles, even the ones you don't even perceive as being there at first.

How do you know you are manifesting what happens in your life? Easy - you are manifesting everything, even the things you don't want. Everything begins with a thought, so even your negative thought patterns, including the ones you aren't even aware of, shape your reality.

Instead of being a bystander of your own life, take control! Be the boss of your reality and decide to attract things that raise your vibration.

The key is knowing how to get out of your own way. Some people aren't even sure what they want out of life because they are so used to taking a more passive role instead of actively intending to shape their reality Sound familiar? It's so easy to point the finger and blame other people or situations for the things that you don't like about the life that you have. Don't have enough money? The boss won't promote me, or the economy sucks, or I need a degree to earn more, etc. Sure, any of those scenarios can be true, but what are you going to do about it?

Finding your purpose in life, discovering your true calling, developing your personal truth and clearing your path towards lasting happiness are all very personal journeys that each of us need to take on our own. No one can tell you what makes you happy, but you can find that by clearing the path and being in a state of allowing.

So we are back to the idea of clarity, which is key in building the life that you want. Before you begin trying your hand at manifesting things, you gotta clear away the clutter in the mind so that the negative thought patterns have less of a chance at messing it all up for you. It is common for people to try setting their intentions and putting it all out there into the Universe to hopefully one day get what they want, like a new job, partner, or whatever, all the while not realizing the obstacles that they've unintentionally placed in their own way.

The best way that I've found to clear my path is to develop a spiritual practice. This can be different for each person. You may already subscribe to a religion that you may or may not have grown up with, or maybe you found a spiritual path as an adult that rings true to you. Simply do more of that, whatever it is. Get more connected to your spirituality.

Don't have a specific, nicely defined religion or spiritual life? Try connecting with Nature. Go outside more, and if you don't have the opportunity to be in Nature more than you'd like, bring Nature to you. Get a house plant, adopt a pet, buy some crystals, hang a landscape painting, etc. Find ways you can unplug for a while and connect to your spiritual self by choosing to do things that bring you joy.

The more you develop your spirituality, the more you will know yourself. Knowing yourself is paramount to clearing the chatter in your mind and developing a way of life that is more intentional and heart centered. Raising your vibration by connecting with Nature and strengthening your spiritual practice leads to a calmer, more serene state of mind, thus creating a more open conduit through which you can channel your intentions and manifest the life that you want.

Be still, be happy and allow yourself to be the best You.

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