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Full Moon Reading - January 2019
January 2019
  • Full Moon in Leo
  • Lunar Eclipse
  • Super Moon
  • Blood Wolf Moon

The Lunar Eclipse begins in Baltimore at around 9:30pm Sunday the 20th of January. It will peak at 12:12am on Monday January 21st and all be over by 2:48am Monday January 21st.
This full moon will combine all the bright look at me energy of Leo with the unpredictable detached energy of Aquarius. This means that unexpected news and events could well be the status quo for the next few days. Being patient and staying calm are key to dealing with the erratic energies that could well be swirling around us for a little while.
Above all, avoid impulsive reactions and sweeping changes to things, this will help you to avoid miscommunications and chaos on a personal level. Self control on a personal level will also help to prevent over reactions and arguments.
Be adaptable and calm.

1. What energies surround this Full Moon/Eclipse?
XVII. Journey
Our potential futures are magnified and clearer in the light of this Full Moon Eclipse. We can see the potential outcomes of any journey we may decide to undertake, be it spiritual, physical or emotional.
Our personal journey is there for us to learn from. By looking back we can see the patterns that our behavior has formed and decide which ones we need to break and which ones serve our highest good.

2. How can we use this to serve our highest good?
King of Earth
Honor your own personal journey and the processes that surround it. Know that right now is not the time to make sweeping changes, now is the time to pause and simply rejoice in our successes. When you honor your own victories like this you set the stage to free yourself from the patterns you can clearly see, when the time is right.

3. Where can we look for support and courage?
4 of Earth
Victory is at hand and you need look no further than your own circle of friends, family and chosen family for your strongest supports.
Don't make any hasty decisions right now, instead, weigh every decision twice and take measured, carefully planned steps. It's ok if change does not seem to come fast, remember that it doesn't matter how small your steps are, it just matters that you are headed in the best direction for you.

4. What focus do we need, in order to help us live a more heart centered life?
XIV. Self
It may seem contradictory, but to live a heart centered life first you need to focus on you, who you are, where you are at, and how you got there.
Who you are is for you to determine. When you undertake to free yourself from the herd and find your own personal I AM you take on a journey of self love and self knowledge that ends with learning to love yourself and your entire life becomes more heart centered as you radiate that love to those around you.
You have unlimited potential if you focus on your own healing from old wounds and hurts and embrace your personal power and abilities. Other people's opinions are not fact or truth unless you choose to accept them as that.
Live your truth with love.


Charelle :

Thank you so much for everything 🙏🏾

Jan 30, 2019

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