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Crystal of the Month, January 2019 - Celestite

I have had a few pieces of Celestite in my collection for many years. I originally acquired them because of their beauty, and oddly enough, I loved the way they smelled to me. They are the most beautiful light blue crystal, sharp and clear. And for some reason the scent was like a dusty old book.  Now with more understanding of crystal energy, I realize I was sensing the energy of Celestite and didn’t actually smell it.  It gave me a comforting feeling. The first attraction to Celestite for many people is the beautiful color.

 Celestite works with the mind. Its soft vibration calms the thinking process as it opens the third eye for spiritual insight. When our thinking is in the “running wild” mode, Celestite is here to calm, comfort and bring simple solutions to fearful circumstances. In this manner, Celestite decreases negativity in thought. It also acts as a filter for external noise, that mindless chatter and sounds of the surrounding society that tend to distract the clear thinking process.

 Celestite is a stone of communication. It can enhance your communication with your angels and guides during meditation. By holding your Celestite, the chatter of your brain activity will be lessened, opening the door for a deeper and more meaningful meditation. Answers to your questions will surface more easily.

 It also helps with communications between people. Celestite is especially effective in clearing the throat chakra, the place where we speak our truth. As our truth is told with clarity, relationships, both personal and professional, are enhanced at a deep level with less ego involvement. 

 Sit or lie down and allow yourself to become quiet by taking a couple deep breaths. Place the stone on your throat chakra for a few moments and feel the tension release. Bring to mind a question you have. Now place the stone on your third eye. Shortly your answer will become apparent. You will know it by the joy in your heart. Now you are ready to move forward on this issue and clearly communicate with others.

 Lastly, Celestite is a subtle stone that must be allowed to work. It will not take charge. Rather it sooths and opens the mind, throat and heart to angelic guidance with your permission.


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