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Libra Full Moon - It's all about balance.

The astrological year begins on March 21st as the Sun moves into the sign of Aries signaling the beginning of another cycle of the Zodiac. The full moon that follows, with the moon in Libra balancing the fire of Aries signals to us that right now is the perfect time to seek balance for ourselves. Balance in our relationships with other people and, more importantly, our relationship with ourselves. This full moon encourages us to explore what it means to be whole, to be firmly planted in our personal healing journey before we kindle those relationships with others. 

The Aries sun encourages us to focus on ourselves and our soul mission, whatever form that takes for each of us. Libra moon balances this inward focus by reminding us that we are surrounded by other people, their energy, influences and sometimes distractions. No matter how much we might want to doggedly stay on our own path, sometimes we need to take a small detour to accommodate others. 

Full moons are always about release and forgiveness, and true to its symbol of the scales, the Libra moon is about equal parts of both. It can help us to clarify in our minds our picture of the relationships in our lives. Which ones enhance us and our mission, which ones detract from it. Which relationships help us heal and grow and which ones hold us trapped in that same cycle over and over.  

True to its balancing nature, the Libra moon ass us to first find that serenity and peace within us. Libra’s calm energy governs the tools that we can use to create and sink into this calm, while teaching us that it is ok to not always feel centered and grounded. It is important to acknowledge these feelings of imbalance and use the tools that work for us to regain our center, if possible, before interacting with other people. 

As we move through the three days of this full moon, let's purpose to check in with ourselves, to ask “how am I feeling in this moment?” The fiery energy of Aries can bring frustration, restlessness, and anger bubbling to our surface at a moment's notice. This can make us feel unbalanced and unmoored if we don’t pause, acknowledge it, and then reach into our toolbox for whatever helps us release that energy and regain our calm center.  

Something as simple as pausing and taking a few deep breaths could be all that is needed to help us reconnect with our essential selves. There was a reason our grandmothers always said, “count to ten when you are angry.” Perhaps a walk barefoot in the grass would work better in some situations. Regaining that connection with the solidity of the Earth often makes it easier to regain that connection with our own solid center.  

Perhaps most importantly, this full moon, no matter how you approach the shifting energy within yourself and others, do it from a place of compassion. This is not about finding out who is at fault, or for blaming ourselves for anything. It is about using the balancing energy of the scales to center ourselves and touch every part of our lives with unconditional love and acceptance. When we accept what we think of as our flaws, they become our strengths and our points of growth and healing.  

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