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Animal Reiki: Energy Healing for Pets

Reiki Healing is a non-invasive form of healing that gently works on the body's energy field and aids the body in healing itself. Animal Reiki uses the same Reiki healing energy to help animals rebalance on physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels.  

This form of reiki is always done via distance (A photo of the animal can help with the connection). My higher self reaches out to the animal’s higher self and invites them to join me in an astral space constructed for this purpose. The animal does have the ability to refuse the invitation, if this happens then I respect their wishes and try again another day. Moreso than reiki with a human, animal reiki requires building a bond of trust. Animals have enough trouble making themselves understood by us, sometimes a total stranger saying ‘talk to me” can be overwhelming.  

Once the animal is comfortable, I allow the energy to start flowing, while explaining to them what exactly I am doing. In my experience, once they allow the process to start all animals can relax and enjoy the energy. They also begin to open up about what they are feeling, what symptoms they may have, and what help they need. Unfortunately, they do not construct entire sentences, more disjointed words, and thoughts. It becomes a matter then of putting the pieces together with the animal’s human parent and working on a plan for future treatment. 

Things like simple stress over moving, or another animal entering the house are easily helped. I encourage the human parent to spend time with them, explaining what is happening and why. Allowing the animal to be extra “clingy” for a while as they adapt to the new circumstances and surroundings. Exactly like you would with a small child that is trying to adapt to new things.  

Sometimes the words that come through, combined with physical symptoms the animal is displaying indicate a potential medical issue. I am not a vet, nor am I at all qualified to diagnose or treat anything. What I do is impress upon the parents that they need to take their animal to the vet for a full checkup. Reiki does not replace conventional medical care, rather it works alongside it, helping the body fully utilize veterinary medications and therapies to enable the animal to heal and be back to full health in the shortest time possible. 

When Jen’s cat Jingle started losing weight, she asked me to do reiki on him to see if that would help. Because I interact with Jingle every week there was no issue gaining his trust and he came willingly into the astral reiki space I had set up. After setting up a flow of very gentle soothing energy I asked him what was wrong. His response was “fire” and “hungry,” repeating both words several times. I recommended that Jen take him to the vet for a checkup as this, to me, pointed to something physically wrong. After a few blood tests the vet determined that Jingle’s thyroid was working overtime. His metabolism was running hot, and he was burning through food faster than he could eat it. After getting him on thyroid medications, Jingle is now calm again and beginning to gain weight back.  

Our animals feel the exact same stresses that we do over life changes like moving, new people or pets in the home, aging, and things we might not think affects them, like our routines or jobs changing. Reiki for animals can help ease them through these transition times and offer them extra comfort and reassurance on top of the love we already lavish on them. If you would like more information, or would like to book a session, feel free to reach out to us and learn more about Animal Reiki here.

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