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Full moon in Libra. March 2019

by Lisa

The full moon in Libra, unsurprisingly, is all about balance and how we can tweak our own lives to bring that balance back into everything we do. When our lives are balanced between work and play, action and rest, then the doors of the Universe are able to swing open to bring more of what we desire into our lives.

Because of Mercury currently sitting retrograde things may be a little tense in some areas of life. But if you follow the urging of this full moon and approach everything with love and compassion, that tenseness will simply not be there anymore.

Prosperity in all things is running high right now. In love, in work, in abundance, in health, whatever it is that you seek to bring into your life. The key is to embody what it is that you want more of and like a magnet you will attract that into your life.

What imbalances is the Libra full moon magnifying?
17 The Star
We tend to look outside ourselves for the answers to our deep questions. The Libra full moon however reminds us to balance our seeking by looking within as well as without. Many of the answers we seek are already resident within us and all we have to do is pause and spend time in stillness listening.

How can the scales be bought back into balance?
Six of Wands
We all tend to focus on what it is that we want, we work on manifesting good things into our lives and there is nothing at all wrong with that. But, for balance to be achieved we also need to focus on what we can give. Remember to give, whether it is time, money, your skills and love.
Whatever it is you are being called to give, know that you are balancing out for what you have and will receive.

What truths are being revealed that we need to communicate?
Ace of Cups
Divine love and divine compassion are flowing around us and through us. We can choose to be a vessel for pure spiritual love from the Universe. Let it flow through you, let everything you do be giving love, receiving love, being love.
Open your heart and let emotions simply flow through you right now. Will you say yes to divine love and compassion and be a conduit for its overflow into the world?

How can we create sacred space for harmony to grow and flourish?
Two of Wands
Carefully look at the choices laid out before you. In every thing you will have at least two choices to pick from. To infuse your life with harmony and turn every action into a sacred space, choose the action that will help love to flourish. It may sound simplistic, and in some ways it is. But to do everything with love will spread love and turn your entire life into a sacred space.

Message from Grandmother Moon.
3 The Empress
The Empress speaks of connecting strongly with our femininity. This can be found in so many different things, elegance, creativity, sensuality, nurturing. Being able to connect to this energy is so important for all of us, male and female. Surround yourself with things that you find beautiful and meaningful. Connect with your senses, with nature. Go for a walk, feed the birds, feel the energy of spring as it begins to make itself known around us.

Allow yourself the time and space to simply breathe and connect with the energy of the world around you.

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