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What is Divination?
by Lisa

Many think of divination as predicting the future. This misunderstanding comes from the fact that the things we tend to ask about are things that haven't happened yet. Others think that divination, by any method, requires special skills and abilities. Again, a misunderstanding. While there are abilities that make divination easier, it truly is something anyone can do with some practice and patience.

Broadly speaking, divination is any method you choose to employ, to discover what might happen, or what choice you should make. But who exactly are you contacting? You aren't actually contacting anyone, or anything that is “out there”. What you are doing when you use a method of divination to answer your questions is reaching inwards to your higher self. Since your higher self is not weighed down by all the input that we have going on, and is unbiased towards questions, it is able to give you an accurate answer to questions like “what do I do here?”

So, if its a skill that anyone can learn why would I pay for a professional reading?

Because, no matter how unbiased we think we are, when we are asking the question we are always going to skew the answer in our favor. Its human! When you consult a professional you are gaining access to their years of experience in listening to the Divine and you are getting entirely unbiased answers because they don't have any vested interest in the outcome.

If I am contacting my own higher self, how can someone else contact that?

Once you get past the physical world the barriers that we think are so natural tend to not only get a little fuzzy, they disappear altogether. So while those of us on Earth see you, me, the table, and chair, once you get into the realm of the Higher Self it is all just energy that mingles freely back and forth. So it becomes much easier for your Higher Self to communicate with the Higher Self of your reader to pass on the message that you need to hear.

This is why the connection you have with your reader is the most important part of any reading. The method they use is secondary.

So, how can you make sure you get the best out of any reading, be it one you do for yourself, or one you get someone else to do?

Before any reading, it helps to figure out what exactly you want to know. Your question is the most important part of the whole divination process. Without a good question, your answer will be muddled and useless.

A good question has three qualities:

  • It is clear. There is no obscurity, dishonesty or vagueness in the query; you’re being honest about what it is you want to know, and you’re putting it bluntly, frankly, and openly for yourself, your reader, and the unconscious that is providing your answers.
  • It is concise. You aren’t droning on for half an hour telling your life story, nor are you wandering back and forth around the point when asking your question. Instead, you succinctly phrase your question in a single, short sentence.
  • It is concrete. You know exactly what you’re asking about and you’re asking it clearly and concisely. You aren’t talking about abstract concepts or hypothetical theoretical potentialities or what ifs, but something that can actually happen with tangible or view-able results.
So, rather than asking “will I ever be happy in my love life?”, which is clear and concise but not concrete, you might ask “What can I do to attract love into my life?”. Instead of asking “am I in the right place in my life” after droning on for an hour about your college mistakes, you might ask “What can I do to feel more fulfilled in my employment?”.

If you are not sure what you need to know, but you just know that you need some help and guidance, tell your reader that! Any of us who have been reading cards for people for any amount of time are able to help you establish where you are at within a few minute and then help you craft the right way to ask the questions that come up.

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