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Essential Oil Personalities: Rosemary

by Jen Heinen

This Month:  Getting to know Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis)

Energizing, Soothes Muscle Aches, Respiratory Support

Meet Rosemary, a certified Health Coach. Lots of people love to hire Rosemary because she has a reputation for getting real results.  She loves to help bring out the very best in others and see her clients reach their full potential.

Rosemary has a few tricks up her sleeve.  Many people hire her for her fitness expertise.  She motivates you in the morning to get up and go.  Her workout plans will invigorate you and get your blood pumping.  Her clients say that meeting with her in the morning sets their day up to be a very successful one, whether they are going to work, or going to school.  The morning workouts are energizing and helps clear the mind for better focus and memory retention.

If you pushed it a little too hard at the gym, Rosemary happens to also be a licensed massage therapist.  Rosemary calms inflammation and supports circulation in muscles and joints.  She also takes away headaches by relieving tension and allowing more oxygen to flow throughout the body.

To top it all off, Rosemary is also trained in breath work.  She will help you open up your breath, increasing oxygen in your blood, allowing for clarity of mind and an overall better state of wellness.  Her breath work exercises will also help you rid your body of mucus and relieve inflammation in the sinuses due to a cold or allergies.

 Rosemary’s programs are quite stimulating and she counsels against using them at night.  After an energizing day, everyone needs proper rest and sleep.

 Rosemary is ready to start helping you today, just don’t expect to meet her at night.  She has a strict policy of not utilizing her health coaching training at night because she wants you to be able to get proper rest. 

 Rosemary also only works with adults, and sometimes children over the age of 12.  Her style of coaching is a little too overwhelming for kids.  She typically refers children to her friend Sweet Orange who can assist with many of the same things she does, except Sweet Orange has a more gentle approach. 


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