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Full Harvest Moon - September 2019

The Full Moon this month is in the sign of Pisces, so not only will it have everything to do with our emotions, it also has the potential to be deeply transformative if we let it.

The Harvest moon as it is known is the last full moon before the Autumn Equinox and is our chance to harvest all that we can before autumn sets in properly and we move into the season of introspection and meditation. Now is the perfect time to start looking back over the last year, seeing how you have grown and changed and taking stock of what you have learned and what lessons you might want to carry forward with you.

The Harvest moon is a time to clear the decks, declutter, get rid of baggage, physical and emotional. It's the time to make those changes you have been wanting to make.

It's also a time when many of us feel very sensitive, empaths especially will find it harder to block out the cacophony of emotions that surround us daily. Pay close attention to your shielding, your alone time, and carry some Shungite!

This full moon, I feel there are six questions we need to be asking. The first two will give the clearest answers if you ask them using just the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The other four you can use either the full Tarot, or an Oracle deck, whichever calls to you.

  1. Who was I a year ago?

  2. Who am I now?

  3. What have I learned in the last twelve months?

  4. How have I changed?

  5. What do I need to release from my life with this full moon?

  6. What do I need to meditate on and carry forward with me?


Join us in the Zinzeudo Tribe group on Facebook where we will be chatting about this spread and the energies that come through at this time of year.

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