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Color in Magic

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy vibrating at different rates. These different speeds of vibration give us both color and matter of varying types. While it is believed that animals can see colors that Humans can not. The human eye can see light that is vibrating in the frequency range of 400nm up to 700nm. This encompasses the colors of the rainbow from red (the lowest vibration) up to violet (the highest). The vibrations of these colors also line up with the vibrations that we need to work with to perform differing types of magic.

Color surrounds us in everything we do, in the environment around us, in the clothes we choose to wear, even in our food. The colors that surround us have a profound affect on our moods and our motivations. Surround yourself with nothing but black and you will start to feel heavier and sadder. Be in a room with green walls and you will start to pick up small creative impulses. While sadly ignored, color has a huge effect on our daily lives.

Every color has its own unique vibration, like everything on earth, that same vibration can be found in other things around us, we refer to these as correspondences. Red as a color is associated with fire, it is the color of the slow burning, hotly smoldering coals that remain long after the flash of flame has died down. Because of that it is associated with slow smoldering temper and passion. Red is also the color of blood, and war and associated with the gods and goddesses of war.

If you want to perform healing magic this would mean aligning your spells vibrations with Green or Violet light waves. The easiest, and most effective way to do this is by using the color in your candles and altar tools and even ritual wear. When we can harness the inherent energies in color and use them to empower our magic we have a powerful combination.

In this series we will look at each of the main seven colors and where it is vibrating on the color scale. We will also talk about which types of magic this makes it most suited for and ways to unlock those vibrations to empower your spells.

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