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Spring Cleaning: Body, Mind & Soul

Spring Cleaning: Body, Mind and Soul by Jen Heinen

How wonderful are the first signs of Spring? Feeling the hint of warmth in the air, the freshness on the breeze when you open the windows for the first time since closing them for the long winter, seeing that first bud on the tree…..all warms the heart. Here are some tips on cleansing the body, mind and soul during this time of year.


Spring is a great time of year to detox. Whether you attempt a juice cleanse, some other form of fasting, or if you simply start eating healthier by choosing whole foods and cutting out processed foods, you will begin to feel a lot better. Maybe you will start to have a better night’s sleep, which could lead to having a little more energy. More energy could lead you to the gym, or just going on a walk in the evenings. Getting more exercise gets the lymphatic system moving,, which helps you to flush out toxins from the winter months.

So many good things can come to you when you make simple, healthy changes to your diet. I like to add a lemon wedge to a tall glass of ice water and drink several of those throughout the day. The lemon helps to alkalize the body, which reduces inflammation and lowers risk of other diseases. If you have issues with inflammation, consider looking into foods that are alkalizing, and try staying away from those that are acidic.


Now that Winter is coming to a close and we can start coming out of our shells and begin to experience more of life once again, it’s also time to learn something new. Engage your mind with an online class, get a book filled with puzzle games, find a new board game to share with the family, or just go outside and read a new book. It’s a great time to turn your mind back on and grow as a human.

Open yourself up to experiencing new things, as well. Take the family on a day trip to a museum, go for a drive out in the country to clear your head, or take those steps you need in order to advance your career. Whatever it is, find ways to open your mind further and do less of what we all do in the colder months……vegetate in front of the television.


What do you love to do? Think of three things you love doing, such as a hobby, or some other activity. Now ask yourself how often you allow yourself to do those things that you love. Is it often enough? Do you do them at all?

I answered these questions a little while ago and I was astonished to find that I wasn’t allowing myself the time to do the things that I love. How silly is that? Many of us have this idea that we must get our work done before we play. And when there is too much work to do, however you define work, then the playing gets pushed to the side.

This Spring, make a real attempt to get out there and do the things that you love. Even if it doesn’t feel like you deserve to engage in things that are fun, still do them. It will help you feel full on the inside, it helps to nourish the Soul. When you feel fulfilled and nurtured, you are doing your Soul’s work and as a result, more great things come into your life.

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