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Scent Magic

Scent is the most primal of all our senses. Unlike sight, hearing, or touch, it bypasses the conscious thinking mind and speaks directly to the Limbic Brain. The part of our mind that works solely on instinct rather than logic and rationalization. This is why scent is capable of evoking memories from our childhood, or arousing in us fear, desire, and countless other emotions. Because Scent works on this primal level, it is also capable of effortlessly altering our vibration and taking us out of ourselves when working magic.

A common use of essential oils is for anointing. The pure oils are diluted with a carrier oil and then applied to the body. This allows us to turn the essential oils into perfume and surround ourselves with the scent and energy of our desired mixture of oils throughout our day. Each oil carries with it a unique energetic signature, its own magical purpose. Some, like Patchouli, draw in abundance, others, like Neroli help us heal on an emotional level and Rose lifts our spirits, allowing us to see things in a more positive light. Combining different oils allows us to mix the various properties to arrive at a blend that will harmonize with our spirit and allow us to carry our magic with us throughout the day.

My favorite perfume, and one that gathers a lot of compliments, is actually Zinzeudo’s ‘Attract Money’ oil blend. This blend combines Patchouli, Amber and Cedarwood for a lovely earthy scent that not only attracts abundance, but is very grounding, connecting us to the energy of the Earth and helping me stay focused during the day. Something extremely helpful for a sometimes-scatterbrained air sign!

Deity has used scent to signal their Prescence over and over throughout history. This is something I have experienced myself on two separate occasions that occurred years apart. Both times the scent was something akin to roses, only not roses, it was deeper, sweeter, more captivating, and yet, decidedly floral. It was one of those scents that sticks with you but defies description. The first time was at a Christian gathering, the person speaking called it the scent of the holy spirit. The second time was in a Wiccan Circle, there it was called the scent of the Goddess. Exactly the same unearthly, captivating, embracing scent. This is my own personal proof that there is just one God, we all simply see them just a little differently.

So how do we use scent to make our daily lives just that little bit more magical? The same way we do any magic, be intentional. Don't just splash on mass produced commercial perfume (although there are some lovely ones) pause at the start of your day and ask yourself “what do I want to surround myself with today.” then select essential oils that evoke that energy and wear them instead.

Yes, that may take a little longer at first, but over time you will amass a collection of personal oil blends, each one perfect for a different situation that you can wear as you need to.

An important safety note: Pure undiluted essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin, there is a risk they can burn. Also, because essential oils are highly concentrated, applying them to the skin without first diluting them can cause them to build up in the body and potentially cause negative health effects in the future. The safer way to wear oils is to dilute them in small bottles of carrier oil (Jojoba is most used) or add drops of the oils to body butter, or to aromatherapy jewelry. This enables us to safely surround ourselves with the scent and energy of our preferred oils.

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