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Living Magic

What is magic? 

If you read as much as I do, then you know in a certain fiction series it is described as “desire made real’. Magic is usually something we perform to manifest our desires. We step aside from our normal routines; we make a ritual of gathering the components and crafting the spell. Then we take time out of our normal life to tie everything together and release it into the Universe and thus, magic is born.  

This ritual process often brings beautiful results, not only in manifesting what we were working towards, but also in our lives. Strengthening our relationship with ourselves, with our guides and deities. But, what if instead of a special ritual, magic was simply who we are. What if it was simply part of everything we touched and everything we did?  

Once we understand that we are our most powerful magical tool, making each moment of our lives an act of magic becomes part of us. Something done intentionally, but without really thinking about it. We begin to see the energy flows that gently guide and nudge us every day towards the life we want to manifest.  

Sometimes these flows are unimportant things, nudges to open the windows in the house to allow the outside to flow through and freshen things up. Sometimes they are larger things, the warning that crawls up our spine guiding us to wrap that energy around us as a shield against whatever it is we may be facing at the time. Sometimes, it’s the small voice in the back of our head that whispers “hush, just listen”.  

Everyday magic is so simple that many of us never even see it. It’s the timeless act of listening, to our intuition, to the world around us, to the energy that we have and moves with us each day. All it takes is knowing that everything we do echos along these energy waves, and then acting based on knowing that, and knowing what we want the result to be. We want our house to feel brighter, to have a better energy flow running though it? Dust. As we dust, we see not only the dust being removed from the physical surface, but we also see the energy lifting, stirring from the places it was laying stagnant and beginning to flow and move through the rooms. 

When we want to manifest love in our lives, rather than complicated love spells we can choose to remember that energy is magnetic. Like attracts like. When we want to attract something into our lives, we can weave a complex spell, or we can simply work on radiating what it is we want to attract. If we want love, then it's as simple as learning to love. Accepting people for who they are and loving them for it. If we want abundance, then it’s a matter of seeing the abundance we have in our lives every day and giving thanks for it.  

There will always be special occasions when we need to go apart from the world and attend to pulling together the components and energies for an actual spell casting ritual. Living our magic, though, allows us to infuse every part of our lives effortlessly and intentionally. These thousands of tiny daily acts are what will fill our lives with magic and help us flow through and around any obstacle.    

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