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Becoming the Wheel: Litha

June 21st, at 10:58am Eastern time we will be at the point of the Solstice. The longest day of the year, the day that the sun’s power is at its peak, and we are urged to pause and consider everything that we may have in life. The solstice is a time of completion, the end of a phase and a fresh start to a new phase. This makes it the perfect time to take stock of our lives, resolve and release unfinished issues and set our path forward.

The best way we can prepare to work with the incoming energy is to take time out before the day to meditate on where we are on our personal journey. To ask ourselves how our relationship with ourselves is, do we love ourselves? Or do we merely tolerate who we are? Are we living our truth and our worth, or do we try to stay small and unnoticed? The most important question to ask ourselves is are we ready to truly embrace love and give it space in our lives?

This will set the stage allowing us to move forward into the new energies that follow the Solstice feeling renewed, and clearer in our minds and hearts about what we most want to create in our lives. This allows us to use this fresh energy to refine, to heal, to strengthen our relationship with ourselves and our feelings of worth bringing everything into alignment with our most authentic selves.

This is a time to get truly, brutally honest with yourself. What are we ready to let go of? Not what we think we might, if we absolutely must, but we are ok with keeping thank you very much. What are we truly done with; the pattern that plays over and over that we would give anything to be free of; the addiction that we just can’t shake; the feelings of worthlessness and loss. Are we ready to let go of it, or is it still comforting in some way? It is ok if it is, it just means we have more we need to learn before we can release it.

Try this exercise in the week leading up to the Solstice. Step aside from the world for an hour, turn off your phone, TV, radio, light some candles and your favorite incense and sit down with two pieces of paper and a pen. We’re going to write two lists.

1/ What are you willing to put aside (thoughts, behavior patterns, beliefs) so that you can create more room for your desired reality?

2/ What positive behavior are you willing to embody to make it part of your life?

It doesn’t matter how long those lists are, they could be one item each. What matters is that we spend the time getting in touch with ourselves and be truly 100% honest with ourselves.

The energies around a solstice can help bring our deepest and truest desires to the surface. Whether it is things we want to put aside, or things we want to attract, or both! Our part is to be honest with ourselves in recognizing these things.

Once you have your lists, on the night of the Solstice, (I would do this as the sun is setting) light a candle and take up the list of things you want to leave behind with the closing of the day. Read it through, then burn it. As it burns, see these patterns and things fading from your life and having less and less importance to you with each new day.

Then take the list of what you want to create and pin it where you will see it every morning. Read this list every day and purpose to embody that energy as you go about your day. The more you embody the energy of what you want to attract, the more of it you will naturally draw to you.

The more energy we put into crafting ourselves and our lives into the shape we want them to be, the closer we will naturally draw to that goal. Using the powerful energies of the ebb and flow of the seasons to aid us in this lifelong journey just makes sense.

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