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Plant Charming 101

Plants have energy all their own, and if we open ourselves to it, they are able to communicate with us. The most important part of this work is your love, dedication, and fiery untamed soul. Plants care nothing about human social norms; they want to connect with the part of us that is wild and free, you know, the part we all try so hard to hide beneath layers of social programming. This means learning to let go of self judgment, allowing those things we have blocking us to be released. We all know that the more we cleanse and release, the greater the healing effect that flows into our entire lives. 


The more we let loose and simply let ourselves be, the more we will be able to hear that small wild voice that is the plants and the plantcestors that surround us. We will begin to feel an affinity towards one or more plants, plants we want to have around us in our space and want to be able to interact with daily. This is the beginning of hearing that voice of the wild calling to you. Have these plants around while you work on letting go of barriers and blocks, taking off  those masks we carefully construct for the world around us to see. In Vivian’s Plant Charming 101 class she goes into greater depth on several very easy practices you can use to help knock down those civilized walls and really connect with the plants and our common ancestors. 


As the connection builds, so does communication. Our plantcestors begin guiding us, helping to shape the workings that we do, allowing us to truly ground deeply into Earth energy, providing a stable base for us to live from. All we need to do is treat them like any other guiding spirit, giving offerings, spending time with them, and perhaps most important of all, listening to them with love and respect. Plant guidance is much more subtle than that of the animal and human realms. It is  more of a soft rustling than a spoken word, but it is also a deeper, more grounded and ancient voice that sings to us of how to manifest our own healing. Plant wisdom can bring healing to our bodies and souls. 


In her Plant Charming 101  class, Vivian draws on her roots (no pun intended) in Italian witchcraft and guides us through those first steps of connecting and forming a relationship with our plantcestors. She opens to us a toolbox of skills that are invaluable to every green witch, kitchen witch, and in fact everyone who uses herbs and plants as part of their daily life.

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