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Raise Your Vibe
There are several universal laws that are found in both physics and metaphysics, these laws are at work all the time. The most well-known of these is the law of attraction; that law that states that like attracts like. What is it that you desire? Do you believe you can have it? When you say, "I want financial freedom," You must ask yourself, " can this really be true, could it really happen?".

The answer is yes it can really happen.

For us to affect its chances of happening we need to understand how the Law of Attraction works and what laws work alongside it. We manifest what we focus on, if we focus on needing something we will attract more need of it. If we focus on gratitude for it being provided to us, then we will attract the vibration and circumstances that fulfil that gratitude. This is a law that works alongside the law of attraction called the law of vibration in action. How you feel on the inside will determine what you attract into your life. Whatever you are focusing on will land in your lap, good or bad.

It might be that one thing that you really wanted and were focusing on wanting, or it could be even less of that thing because we attracted the want, not the item. Focusing on our need will lower our vibration and attract the unwanted in its wake. However, if we focus on being grateful to the Universe for providing what we want we raise our vibration and effortlessly attract that which is wanted.

Want to learn where you are vibrating and how to raise that into the realms of manifestation? The Raise Your Vibe Online Class will walk you through this entire process and teach you powerful strategies that will help you attract the things you want.

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