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Picking the right divination tools for you.

There are dozens and dozens of different divination methods out there, and more are being invented all the time. Some are variations on a theme, such as new oracle decks. Others are brand new to the world. How do you know which one to pick? There is no simple answer to that. A deck of cards that resonates so strongly with someone that they can hear it speaking before they even start to use it could be just pretty pieces of cardboard to another.

If something is calling to you then you will hear it before you even take it out of its store wrappings. You will feel the first hint of knowing it is yours the instant that you pick it up and that feeling is different for everyone. I have found that it can vary from product to product. So while I wish I could write a neatly ordered blog post called “The five signs a deck is yours” I can't. They all speak different languages, all I can do is assure you that you will know.

Some decks have called to me from across a store (Barnes and Noble no less!) and I have had to head blindly in the direction I thought I felt the tug from. Playing some weird esoteric version of Marco Polo. Some have sat quietly on the shelf until I picked them up. Once in my hands they felt like they had been there forever and would not let me put them down. While others have insisted on being taken home by me not because they were meant to be mine, but because they were meant to pass through my hands to another person.

Because everything is energy, what is happening when you feel that tug is that the part of you that is pure energy is connecting with the part of your deck that is pure energy. You are recognizing each other on a level that is both above and below logic and reason. I say deck simply because it is faster than typing “divinatory system” over and over. This same energetic tugging can be felt from decks, runes, feathers, charms, I Ching. Your job at this point is simply to be open to hearing and responding.

Any divination tool, be it one you made or one you bought, is a bridge. Like a physical bridge might connect one side of a river with another, so too does the esoteric bridge formed by the tools. In this case, they bridge the divide between your incarnated logical, rational side (The Ego), and the side of you that is pure spirit and has a viewpoint that is not limited by space and time (The Higher Self). This means that your chosen tool can bypass everything the ego is so convinced that it knows and bring you the advice that your Higher Self has to help you navigate life without tripping over your own shoelaces.

It might seem strange that I am talking about divination tools as if they are thinking, feeling entities when anyone can see that they are clearly not. They are not so easily classified though. While they are obviously, to the eyes of logic and reason, simply objects with no thoughts or will of their own. To the person that is open to energetic fields and communications that cant be explained by logic they are very much “alive”. Because they form a bridge between your ego and your spirit, they do literally become a part of you.

 So, all that said, where do you start looking for the system that is right for you? One of the best places is your local esoteric store. Any pagan or new age store will probably have in stock several different examples of cards, runes, pendulums and other divinatory tools. And most have examples that are already opened so you can actually look, touch and play, getting a really good feel for the energy. Take your time, play with as many as you are able to and talk to people who use them a lot, get their take on different tools. They may have some recommendations of things for you to check out, or great places to buy from. You will have a good idea if something is right for you the instant you first pick it up without even having to open the box.


Picking the right divination tool for you

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