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Crystal Guru:  5 Energizing Crystals

Uplifting, Raises Vibration, Energizing

This month we are focusing on uplifting our energies. It’s summertime and the sun is warming us more and more each day. In order to move with the rhythms of Nature, let’s take a look at a few crystals that can help us to raise our energy levels. These crystals can be purchased as a set here

Carnelian:  A powerful Sacral Chakra stone, Carnelian will help to increase one’s personal power and overall vitality. It inspires creative thinking and the energy to get things done.

Citrine:  Long considered the “happy stone”, Citrine effortlessly emits joyous vibrations and works to help one balance the emotions.  It is also an effective chakra cleanser and can help restore balance.

Golden Tiger’s Eye:  This sunny stone is often considered great for grounding and protecting. In addition to this kind of energy, Golden Tiger’s Eye brings a renewed sense of optimism and happiness to a situation. 

Golden Healer Quartz:  The golden light of the Golden Ray is manifest inside this special crystal. As the Master Healer, quartz naturally amplifies healing energies. Golden Healer takes that to the next level and beyond, allowing one to experience a sense of oneness with the Divine.

Clear Quartz:  Clear Quartz is the Master Healer and will amplify any healing work, regardless of the type of healing that needs to happen.  In this case, the purifying and amplifying energies help to enhance the overall uplifting and energetic vibrations found in the other stones discussed here.

 How To Work With These Stones

 Working with all five stones synergistically will help uplift and enhance one’s energy and mood. Likewise, they can be used in any combination or individually, depending on your intuition. 

 Use your intuition when it comes to working with your crystals. In general, to get the healing benefits of crystals, it is important to have them near you within your auric field or on you. The more you see them, touch them, be with them, the more you will feel the healing energies.

Let the sun shine bright upon you and allow your radiance to shine forth into the world.


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