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November Full Moon Tarot Spread

Full Beaver Moon

November 12, 2019

The full moon this month appears right opposite a retrograde Mercury. This means that there is enhanced possibility for misunderstandings, and relationship issues could possibly be highlighted. Obviously, by being aware of this you can head any issues off at the pass by simply talking things through rather than letting them blow up into a fight.

The energy of this moon is also great for bringing things to completion. That project or goal you have been working on? Now is a great time to use the full moon energy to dig in and get it finished. Mercury Retrograde aside, this full moon is showering us with strength, courage, and good fortune. Success on projects is almost assured, so long as you have done your part.

Life balance is also a focus of this full moon. If you have been neglecting something in favor of something else, that could possibly cause you some tension. A great reminder to get the right balance in all parts of your life. This means it could also be a great time to seek out guidance on issues of balance and use this energy to your advantage.

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What area of my life is most in need of balancing?
What change could I make that would do me the most good?
What goal should I focus my energy towards completing?
What inner feelings do I have that are holding me back?
Advice for working through those feelings.
What counsel do my Ancestors have for me this full moon?

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