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Manifesting Abundance
Gratitude, it is a simple word and one that the spiritual community uses over and over. Gratitude is the key to so much in life; when we want to change the energy around a situation, we look for things to be grateful for. When we want to complete a healing work, we offer up gratitude for receiving that healing. When we need resources for something, we offer thanks to Spirit for supplying all that we need. This makes the simple act of saying thank you the most powerful manifesting tool we have. There is a little bit more to it than simply ‘insert thanks; collect reward,’ the Universe is not a reward ATM after all.

When we practice gratitude daily, we shift our own focus and energy from one of needing and wanting, to one of knowing we are provided for. This has been proven to reduce stress levels, create positive emotions and make it easier for us to reach our goals. If we are constantly worried about lack of money, then we live in a permanent state of low-grade stress and worry. If we switch our focus to being grateful for what we do have – health, friends, family, love – we switch our focus towards what we have an abundance of. When we signal that our needs are met it tells our brain we no longer need to be in a constant battle-ready state, and we can relax.

Gratitude helps us manifest abundance because it creates this energy of abundance within us. By creating the understanding that we are safe, and we have plenty, we change our vibrational frequency or the unconscious way we talk to the Universe. Since like attracts like, we attract that exact state of abundance and safety that we have been giving thanks for.

We will always attract the frequencies we are tuned into.

Even though we will always know on a conscious level that we have not yet received whatever it is we are giving thanks for; the act of gratitude keeps our energetic vibration at the level of abundance and receiving. This signals to our subconscious that we are grateful for something and allows us to do the work needed to attract whatever that something is.

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