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Tarot Spread - December 2022 Full Moon
December 7th brings us to the Full Cold Moon in Gemini. This full moon is also sometimes known as the Long Nights Moon because in December we see the longest nights of the year leading up to the Winter Solstice when the nights begin to grow shorter again. The fiery volatile energy of the Gemini full moon, while not as heated, is strong enough to trigger the energies we were working with over the Blood Moon Eclipse of last month. The Gemini moon is also very much aligned with the energy of the retrograde Mars that is wandering through the chart right now.

Mars retrograde happens only once every two years, and this retrograde heightens the Mars energy in our lives. Mars retrograde can influence our energy levels, leaving us feeling extra tired. We can counteract that by using the fiery energy of this full moon to light us up again.

This full moon is the perfect time to look at how we are spending our time and energy. Are there places we need to spend more time? Less time? Are our goals current? This is the perfect time to reassess those too – or set some if you don’t have any. The twin energy from Gemini also makes this one of the best times to check the balance of our lives. To ask ourselves where we might need to focus to rebalance things.

  1. What in my life is draining my energy right now?
  2. What boundaries do I need to set?
  3. Where do I need to spend more energy?
  4. Where do I need to spend less energy?
  5. What part of my life needs rebalancing?
  6. Is there a new habit or practice that would help bring balance to my life?

Try out this spread for yourself and see if it can help you pinpoint what it would benefit you to work on.

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