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Manifestation Box

Chakra BoxI have a small carved wooden box that sits on a shelf in my dining room. The box was a present from friends, but that is not what makes it so powerful. Inside the box are four hand made disks with the Reiki Symbols etched onto them and a stack of folded slips of paper each with a person’s name and a date written on it. If you unfold the paper, you will find something written there, a request for energy, or healing, or help with something. Those pieces of paper stay there until the person who requested the help asks for it to be removed.

This is my Manifestation Box. I use mine to manifest healing and help for those who request it from me.

Black Pentacle BoxIs there something you have always wanted that just seems out of reach? A Manifestation Box is a simple and practical way to make the Law of Attraction work in your life. It goes by many different names, A Manifestation Box, a God Box, a Wish Box, a Dream Box. No matter what it is called, it is simply a place you use to provide the Divine, the Universe, with details of exactly what you would like to bring to being in your life. Use your box daily and you will soon see positive things coming into your life. Coincidences in your favor, small presents left for you, the things you want the most coming into your life.

Gray Soapstone Pentacle BoxMaking your Manifestation Box could not be simpler. Simply find a box that calls to you, you will know it when you see it. It might be something beautifully ornate on a store shelf, or it could be something simple and unassuming that you already have. Rest assured that when it arrives in your life you will already have the perfect resources on hand to claim it as yours.

Remember that this is not something that should be tucked away in a cupboard and forgotten. Your Manifestation Box will sit in pride of place on a shelf, or on your desk. Somewhere that you see it every day so you can add more attraction energy to it.

Celtic Tree of Life Green BoxDecorate your box, or not. It’s up to you. Add to it whatever you feel needs to be added to infuse your personal energy into it. If you want to paint magic symbols on it in glitter, or stick scrapbook paper all over it, then go right ahead! As you decorate it, make sure to visualize everything you place in the box coming into your life in a positive way. The intention you are placing into the vibrations of the box is that it is a magical container, a link between you and the Divine, you and the Universe. Everything that you place in the box will be filled with the same magic and will manifest itself into your life.

On the lid, or on the inside of the box write short sentences that remind you of what your box is doing.

  • As above so below
  • I said, it is
  • My dreams are reality

Be sure to write them in the present tense. If you write “I will win the lottery” then the energy that you are setting in place is one of waiting for something to happen. If you write “I won the lottery!” then that is the energy you are setting in action.

What goes in the box?

Anything and everything! Pictures of your dream house, your dream car. Details of the job you want. Pictures of what you want to look like after losing or gaining weight. Places you want to go on holiday. Whatever you want in your life, place it in the box!

When you put each item in the box, pause a moment and add to the energy contained in it with an affirmation like:

This is, because I said so”

I manifest this in accordance with my highest good.”

Remember to feel each thing as a reality in your life as you place your desires in the box. Remember to add to your box regularly, the more you add to it, the more you strengthen the energy that is working for you. And, the things you want will be refined and may well change as more and more of them come to pass.

Zinzeudo has a wide range of beautifully carved and decorated boxes in the showroom. If you are in Baltimore stop by and have a look.

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