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Janaury Full Moon Tarot Spread

Full Moon in Cancer
Lunar Eclipse
January 10th 2020

Given that this full moon is squarely in Cancer, you can expect that emotions are going to be up and down somewhat over this time. mood Swings and communication difficulties will abound for those who are not aware of what is happening in the Universe. However, when you are aware of what is happening, you are better able to take control of your responses to it.

Eclipses are also a great time for an "emotional reset" for us. A pause to check in with our heart chakra and see where we might need balancing to keep ourselves progressing forward. So, a heart centered spread is really a great way to approach the cards for guidance this full moon.

Since the entire focus of an Eclipse is a reset, the spread is very much centered around which doors you may need to close, and which ones could be opened up to you.

As always, we would love if you joined us to talk about your results or how you work with the energy of the Full Moon. You can find us on Facebook in the Zinzeudo Tribe group!

1. How can I use the Eclipse energy to empower my life?
2. What baggage am I carrying that I can safely put down?
3. What in my life has served its purpose and is ready to be released?
4. My Strength
5. What is the Universe trying to bring into my life at this time?
6. How can I best get in touch with my own emotions?
7. What truth am I refusing to see?

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