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Full Moon Tarot Reading December 2017

December Full Moon 2017
Moon in Gemini

December's full moon falls in Gemini, bringing us lots of mutable air energy. Unsurprisingly there was a lot of air in the cards that fell from the deck too.
This is the sign of change, well reasoned and planned out change. Because the full moon is also a super moon, its energy and affect on us is amplified. That may be tempered by the dampening effect of Mercury going retrograde.

This full moon is all about connecting with the truth of who you are. Who all the parts of you are, even the bits that you don't really like that much. It's about integrating the light and the shadow sides of yourself to find the beautiful limitless whole. This is the perfect time to look back over your life and start releasing old hurts. It's also the best time to discover talents and gifts that have been laying dormant until now.

There is a lot of positive energy surrounding this Full Moon and it can help us step into our fullest potential. Are you ready to discover a brand new life full of love and peace? This moon can help you do that.

1. What is my Shadow Twin saying? – Your subconscious
Two of Air
Your shadow side is standing up and saying clearly that not only is it here, but it is a part of you that exists in every thing you do. It is neither positive, or negative, it simply is. When we realize that everything we do has a polar opposite that influences our actions and we learn to acknowledge and integrate that into our lives then we begin to approach wholeness of being and reducing our inner conflicts.
Nothing is inherently good or bad, it simply is.

2. What is my Light Twin saying? – Your consciousness
King of Air
It is time for dispassionate judgment of the circumstances in your life. Seek the advice of your mentors and those in your life who are unbiased rather than leaning on your own council. Advice for your situation could come from an unexpected source, do not reject the message because of the messenger. Be sure to listen and weigh all advice carefully.

3. How can I integrate it into wholeness?
XVI. Destiny
you have both a personal destiny and a universal destiny. Your universal destiny is to embrace both your light and your dark side and become whole. To connect to your true center and be able to live in limitless peace.
Your personal destiny is to follow your bliss. But, this is not something you will find outside you, it is deep in your innermost core. It is finding that which brings you joy and peace to be doing. Does painting inspire your inner passions? Is it cooking? Or writing? Whatever activity you do that sparks that feeling of rightness and joy within you, that is your personal destiny.

4. What requires my dedication at this time?
XIV. Self
Right now, your focus is you. Who are you? What do you believe? What do you want to become? These are the questions that you can answer for yourself right now. The new energy coming in with the full moon is energy of change and of finding a new outlook for the new year that is coming. It's time to sit down and look at everything you believe and all the labels that society has placed on you and decide for yourself which ones truly fit the you that you want to become.

5. How best can I prepare for Mercury Retrograde?
III. The Youth
The youth is the card of energy and fearlessness. The youth lives for today and does not let worries and fears hamper what he truly wants to do. The more power and attention you give to something, the more influence you are giving it over your life. Be bold, be fearless and know that Mercury retrograde will affect you exactly as much as you allow.

The deck used in this reading is the Dreams of Gaia tarot.

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