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Full Moon Reading - December 2018
Full Moon in Cancer
December 2018

The Cancer full moon, also known as the Cold Moon, coincides with the Winter Solstice, and the Ursid meteor shower, bringing a convergence of high energy events that pack a powerful punch.

This full moon is all about excitement, positive change and pleasant and welcome surprises. Then anger and tension that you may have experienced in the last few weeks will melt away and be replaced with an aura of emphasis on loving and nurturing your self and those around you.

Be open this Yule to new people and new attitudes entering your life. Pleasant surprises abound with respect to all things that play into our personal security, finances, career and love are the emphasis for these changes.

Cancer being a water sign is all about the emotions and your intuition which will be stronger than normal around this full moon. It's time to try new things! To make changes in our personal lives or our domestic routines. But what changes? Is there a small thought nagging in the back of your head that goes something like “It might be a good idea for me to ….” That is your intuition gently guiding you to the change that it wants you to look seriously at making.

This moon is a great time to explore and find new ways of doing things. Lingering problems may receive sudden flashes of insight that allow you to solve them in an instant. Vital information suddenly appears in random chance encounters. Magic is in the air and it is helping you find the answers you have been looking for.

This is a great time to finally quit that habit you have been wanting to ditch for ages, what ever it is. The atmosphere of self love and nurturing that surrounds everything will help you love yourself through the change. And it will make you more open to the love and support of those around you.

What is being emphasized this full moon?
XV. Abundance

Abundance is in the air right now. And the full moon in cancer emphasizes abundance and the comforts of home and love and security. Abundance is a state of feeling, of deep contentment, of knowing there is plenty.

Abundance is not always money, often it is love, security, well being, or friendship, or any other positive state you can think of. Whatever abundance energy is waiting for you there will be plenty of it. Now is a great time to simply relax and know that all is good.

Don't look for things that might be possibly going wrong sometime in the future, or things that aren't exactly as you would like them now. Instead sit back and look at everything that is in just the perfect place for you right now. Let that be your focus and it will grow and begin to encompass the areas of your life that may not be so perfect.

How can we develop our sense of security?
II. The Maiden

Security has very little to do with money or external wealth, even though that is often what the modern world would like us to equate it with. Rather true security comes from knowing your own worth and your strengths and weaknesses. It comes from having the courage to meet yourself honestly and embrace those things that many keep hidden.

This full moon is a great time to begin to explore your inner self. As you learn who you are at your core you begin to further develop your sense of self. Your self-esteem and self-worth are able to blossom, which enables your self confidence to increase. You begin to uncover those limits and boundaries that we have imposed on our selves through limited thinking and become able to push past them into new talents and passions.

How can we nurture our emotions to strengthen our self love?
XI of Earth Heaven/Earth

We are spiritual beings in physical bodies for a short period of time. This is a fundamental truth that once embraced will help to bring everything else into perspective.

The emphasis right now is on being grounded and centered within our own being. When our focus is on alignment within us and within the world around us, we realize that separation is an illusion. As we nurture and love the world around us, we also nurture and love ourselves. The more love we pour into the land and those that live in it with us, the more love we are able to give ourselves.

Reach out to those around you, people, animals, trees, Grandmother Earth herself. Let your spirit connect with their spirit and recognize them as fellow travelers. Take time to simply be, with them and with yourself. As you listen to them you will also hear your own inner voice as it guides and loves you through this time of change and transition.

What can we learn from being vulnerable?
VIII. Death/Rebirth

Everything is cycles, our limited human mind fears endings because we are not one hundred percent certain what comes next. Nothing happens overnight, all change takes time and is unavoidable. In fact, the only thing about life that is certain is that there will be changes.

Allow yourself to embrace change. Don't spend your time looking back and mourning what is past. Look forward and know that even though this current change may be hard, and be something you really don't want in your life, it is leading you on and outfitting you to be blessed with something more amazing than you can comprehend right now.

Know that all change eventually works together for our greatest good. The Divine has a plan and they can see a much bigger picture than we can.

What is heightened this cycle?
I. Ace of Air

Personal truths and self love are the emphasis this full moon. The Ace of Air is all about finding and embracing our personal truths. Not the lessons learned from parents, friends, lovers and fashion magazines. But the truth that we know in our hearts fits our lives and our souls.
It is time to look at the truths that we have lived by and ask ourselves some simple questions; Do I still believe this? Does this serve me, or hinder me?

With the energy of change and nurturing running high, right now is the perfect time to unlearn things that no longer fit the person we have become and to embrace new truths that nurture and support us on our life's journey.

Know that your reality is born in your mind. Let your dreams excite you and motivate you to become the person you dream of being. Let go of any old beliefs that you feel are sabotaging the goals you have laid out for yourself.

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