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Full Moon, March 1st 2018
Full Moon Spread
March 1st 2018
Full Moon in Virgo
Full Moon Spread

1. What baggage am I being challenged to leave behind?
Eight of Earth (reversed)
Embracing a lack mentality, or being entirely focused on your status or on financial reward is baggage that many of us carry with us. Clinging to that will only keep you focused on what you don't have, not what you do have. Release the feelings of not having enough and start to appreciate and be thankful for what you do have. When you let go of the feelings of lack and embrace abundance then and only then can abundance flow into your life.

2. How can I relieve my more critical energies this Full Moon?
Seven of Water
Understand that control is only an illusion. When you struggle to control every part of your life you only build up more and more stress for yourself. Take a lesson from water and learn to go with the flow of the energies of your life. When you are in tune with the energies of life and flow with them even stressful upsets are far easier to deal with and move past.

3. What health and wellness area needs attention?
17 – Journey
Now is a great time to stop and look honestly at your lifestyle and how you nourish your body. Is your diet as healthy as you can make it? Are you taking adequate time for rest and recharging? Just like a high performance car your body needs the right fuel and regular maintenance. When everything is running at peak performance then you are much better able to cope with the every day stresses that will happen. Consider adding a multivitamin to your daily routine if you don't already take one.

4. What area in my life needs reorganizing?
4 - The Mother
The mother is one of the symbols of fertility. Not just in reproductive matters but also in goals and creativity. Right now is an excellent time to pause and reassess your goals. Let the energy of the Mother nurture your goals and dreams while you work together to bring them into fruition.

5. What needs to get done this Full Moon?
8 – Death/Rebirth
Let go of the past. It made you and shaped you into the person you are today, but it does not rule you unless you let it. Now is your time to thank the people and events in your past for making you the truly amazing being that you are and release them lovingly. Letting go of old resentments and hurts is one of the most freeing and healing things you can do.

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