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Pyrite CubesPyrite, also known as Fool's Gold, resonates with both Earth and Fire energies. The shiny, sparkly, and dense nature of Pyrite deflects negative energies and is a strong grounding stone. It is useful in crystal grids and spells meant to encourage prosperity and wealth. When struck against iron or more pyrite it can produce a long lived spark sufficient to light a fire. It is also very protective and shielding when worn or carried on your person. This can be very helpful if your work is hazardous or you are traveling any distance.

As part of its protective shielding nature, Pyrite can help guard you against manipulation, criticism and controlling partners and associates. It imparts into the wearer the strength to both see and resist these attempts and helps you to remain calm and in control of your power.

Rough PyriteWhen placed in an environment, Pyrite will help to infuse the area around it with vitality and inspiration making it a favorite of office dwellers everywhere. This vitality will help you overcome mental tiredness by increasing blood flow to the brain. This can raise mental clarity, focus and help you remember things better. Pyrite can also help to inspire creativity in many different fields, especially those of art and maths.

Because of its strengthening nature, Pyrite can encourage those who are working in leadership positions and those working towards promotion. Helping them to be strong and focused and intuitive to what is needed in any given situation.

Known to increase anyone's innate protective energies, it can also help boost your self-worth and overcome any feelings of inferiority and build confidence in your own abilities

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