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Full Moon - June 2019

Full Moon Spread

June 2019

Full Strawberry Moon

 June 17th marks the date of the Full Strawberry Moon. Because of where it will be in the night sky the energy of this moon is going to be amplified. This means that by using this full moon energy you can create powerful shifts in your life. You will have the chance to tap into this amazing energy and use it to help you explore your creative gifts and flow.

Because it is the moon it is also closely linked with our emotions and our intuition. Making this a great time for some self exploration and asking your higher self for guidance on the steps you can be taking next. Everything you need to know is already within you and has been ever since you were born. The full moon energy can provide the boost we need to unlock that wisdom and use it in our lives.

This moon isn't about healing, or fixing anything. We aren't broken, we just need to remember to love and cherish ourselves. That is what this moon is about. Self care, accepting yourself exactly as you are. Spending time with your soul, truly connecting with the deepest parts of you and loving your own company.

This month has in many ways been about speaking our truth, about breaking down the walls we have built up and stepping into our own power and authenticity. Self acceptance, baggage and all, is the most powerful gift we can give ourselves.

Being honest about who we are is not about creating shame or blaming ourselves for things that may have happened in the past. It's about putting aside our masks and costumes and being true to ourselves no matter what is happening. It's about being free to simply love ourselves and know that we are perfect, exactly as we are.

Lets take that energy of acceptance and love and run with it this month.

I encourage you to try out this month's full moon spread for the insight that it could help bring into your life. If you try it out, join us in the Zinzeudo Tribe group on Facebook to talk or get help with understanding your results.

What area of my life do i most need to focus on?

What steps can i take to achieve the best possible outcome in this area?

What is holding me back from that outcome that i need to release?

What can i do to nurture myself at this time?

What gifts are waiting to enter my life?

What mask have I been wearing that I can remove?



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