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5 Simple Ways to Cleanse and Protect Your Energetic Body

Energy Cleansing Techniques

Many of us forget that our energetic body, or auric field, is just as important to maintain as our physical body.  We get bombarded every day with negative energies from other people, places and things, including environmental pollutants, electromagnetic smog, and radiation associated with cell phones, computers, and other electronic equipment.  It is a good idea to do daily energetic cleansing, or at the very least, at the turn of each season.

Here are five simple ways you can cleanse and protect your aura:

Black Tourmaline.  Carry a piece of Black Tourmaline with you.  It can be in the form of jewelry, or even a small tumbled stone in your pocket.  Black Tourmaline is known to shield you from negative energy and absorb radiation from computers and cell phones.

Citrine.  Carry a piece of Citrine with you, or meditate with a piece each day.  Citrine carries the Sun’s energy within it, which will uplift your mood and allow for positive energy to flow freely.

Bubble of Light.  Every morning upon waking, take the time to do a short meditation that will help protect you from negative energy throughout the day.  Imagine a beam of pure white light shining down from the heavens and entering your body at your crown chakra (top of head).   Then, imagine the light expanding and filling every cell of your body, then radiating out into a protective bubble around you.  The pureness of this bubble of light will shield you from negative energies, and it will help you start off your day on a positive note.  This technique is easily teachable to children, as well.

Spiritual Cleansing KitSmudging.  This is a practice in Native American culture, as well as other cultures around the world.  It involves lighting a smudge stick, commonly made up of dried white sage or other types of sage and herbs.  Light the stick, or bundle, and as it smolders, gently wave it around your body, letting the smoke cleanse your energetic field.  You can also smudge your home or any space that contains stagnant energy.  Get in the habit of smudging after being around a large group of people, or when you feel in a bad mood or have low energy.

Grounding and Shielding.  Another simple technique is to use the Earth’s energy to ground you and to shield you from unwanted energetic influences.  Imagine yourself standing outside in a clearing at the base of a mountain on a beautiful sunny day.  Take a few deep breaths as you imagine pulling the grand, stable energies of the mountain into your body through your crown chakra (top of head) or your heart center (whichever feels better to you).  As this powerful grounding energy is flowing into your body, allow all negative thoughts and feelings to be released through your feet and into the earth.  When you feel you are cleansed and feel safe and secure, thank the Earth for its restorative powers.

I hope you try at least one of these techniques and feel more clear, focused and alive as a result.

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