Bring your home to life with LYSA Aromatic Mist. Our fresh, uplifting mist will illuminate any room with its inspired scent, instantly enlivening the atmosphere. Revel in the power of scent and light up your space with an enchanting aroma.
Lysa is the Icelandic word for Illuminate, which is a perfect description for this clean, crisp, eye popping fragrance that will truly 'light up the room'. An all natural essential oil blend of lavender, sweet orange, lemon, juniper berry, lime and rosemary in purified water and alcohol. 

Our unique and extra special Lysa aromatic mist will freshen the air around you while inspiring a more positive mood within you. Perfect to take with you on your daily travels, keep one at work, one in the bathroom, or even give as a gift to that person who seems to have everything!   

4 oz. cobalt blue spray bottle

Shake well before using.  Avoid contact with the eyes.