Our Herbal Spell Mixes are custom blends that are crafted here at Zinzeudo. Each bag is packed with 1 ounce of spell mix.

Attract Love:  Our Attract Love spell mix is intended to bring love into your life, or help the one that you desire fall for you. Use on charcoal to burn, add to your bath, potpourri or mojo bag.

Healing:  Our Healing spell mix has been created from the finest herbs to help empower your healing rituals, offerings spiritual mending, emotional healing, and a boost to modern medicine.

Protection:  A mix created of carefully chosen herbs, the Protection spell mix is intended to empower you protection rituals and help you shield against negative energies, spirits, and influences.

Quick Money:  Blended of a mix of herbs chosen specifically to aid and empower spells of money drawing and good fortune, this spell mix is intended to aid Quick Money spells.