The Elder Futhark Runes are a powerful tool to help guide you through any problem or obstacle you may be facing in life. Far from being a fortune telling technique or a toy that will guide you to your fortune, or to the love of your life, they are an ancient alphabet based system that enables you to communicate directly with your Higher Self and receive guidance on the next best steps for you to take.

The Runic symbols are engraved or carved onto a natural medium such as wood or bone and use that energy in revealing to you the wisdom you come seeking. These sets are as close to the original sets as possible, so contain no blank rune. The runes speak clearer the more you use them as their power often lays in forging a relationship with the set that has come to you.

Each of these rune sets is hand crafted by Gina Wolf Spirit while in a meditative state, then sealed with natural wax and carefully smudged with both Sage and Palo Santo. All the wood used in these runes has been harvested by hand and treated with love and respect in every stage of preparation.

Thor's Set  

A set carved from Oak, representing strength and the power of Thor himself. Added lightning detail helps to call on the power and wisdom of Thor when casting your runes. Each of these has been hand carved and treated with Frankincense. This enables a deeper spiritual connection as well as making each rune a more powerful conduit for healing energies.

The Norn's Set  (sold out)

The weavers of fate and destiny in Norse Mythology, these three ladies, Urd (fate), Verdani (present) and Skuld (Future) weave the cloth of our lives and pay close attention to every thread laid in each person's pattern. These runes are imbued with their power to help you discern the warp and weft of your life.

The Yggdrasil Set

Engraved with nine lines to represent the nine worlds that Yggdrasil (The World Tree) touches. A set with a more feminine energy, perfect for any woman who is called to the runes but finds many sets a touch too masculine. With energy as deeply rooted as Yggdrasil herself, this set can help anyone who might be feeling a touch lost and adrift in the world.

The Meditative Set

Hand carved and treated with Frankincense, the Meditatuve Set has a simlle design with just the rune engraved upon the wood. This alows for no distractions for the user.

Gina WolfSpirit has practiced both Kundalini and Usui Reiki for over ten years, helping to create the runes relieving her own epilepsy and pain while in the process.

She has also dedicated several years to studying essential oils, becoming the creator of her own line of natural organic products.

Animals being close to her heart she works frequently with local animal rescues, and donates to the Epilepsy Foundation on a regular basis. For every rune reading or distance healing that she provides 50% of the price will be sent to one of these charities.