3 Crystals for Connecting with Your Ancestors

Black Obsidian:  Obsidian is protective and grounding, linking one’s root chakra to the Earth. It is volcanic glass without a crystalline structure, and its power knows no depths or limitations. Obsidian’s surface is reflective and can offer deep insight into oneself, making it perfect for shadow work. When calling upon the ancestors, Obsidian will create a safe place in which you can do your work. As a shamanic stone, it opens up pathways for you to safely explore the spiritual realm, gaining wisdom and knowledge from those who have passed on.

Larvikite:  Larvikite is also known as Black Labradorite and possesses a high amount of colorful sheen. Like Labradorite, it can reveal the light within the darkness. Larvikite allows one to see within the hidden realms of the self. You can use Larvikite to meditate on knowing your ancestors by asking them to reveal pieces of your inherited past. Wisdom shines forth from the shadows, but are you going to recognize it when it happens?

Indigo Gabbro:  Also known as Mystical Merlinite, Indigo Gabbro is a shamanic stone that helps one connect to mystical realms. It encourages self-awakening, allowing us to face the darkness within. Indigo Gabbro is a wonderful choice when working with the ancestors as it helps you focus your intentions of traveling into the unseen realms. It facilitates communication with those who have passed on.

Ancestor Mojo Bag

While using just one of any of these stones will help you create a connection with your ancestors, you can use all three as well. Try combining all three stones into a small drawstring bag. Carry the bag with you and take them out of the bag and hold them in your hand whenever you wish to gain some wisdom or strength from your ancestors.