Make your cat's day even happier with this organic Catnip Purifying Spray! Infused with the alluring scent of catnip, your furry friend will be rolling around in glee! So yes, purifying your home - but more importantly, purr-ifying your cat's mood!

My cats love this spray! Jingle and Bell seem to get extra happy and playful when I spritz some onto their toys and scratching posts. Made from an extract of the leaves of organic catnip, this spray is safe, non-toxic, and full of magic! 


  • Non-toxic (safe around kids and pets)
  • Cruelty-free
  • All natural and organic
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Portable
  • and your kitty will love it!

Organic Catnip, alcohol, and distilled moon water.

Did you know...

...that catnip was used as a traditional herb for smudging and cleansing the home? There are many herbs that have been used throughout history across many cultures in this manner for their purification and medicinal properties. Catnip is often overlooked in modern times as sage is the most popular and sought after sacred plant that many people choose for smudging their living space.

About our Purifying Spray collection

Our handcrafted Purifying Sprays are a wonderful, safe and healthy alternative to burning herbs generally referred to as smudging. All of our non-toxic sprays are cleansing, and are known to lighten the energy in your space. We offer White Sage, Sweetgrass, Palo Santo, Lavender, and Catnip scents, each sold separately.

Do you live with someone who is sensitive to smoke? Our sprays are a perfect alternative!

Our customers love to smudge their homes with plants such as sage, but sometimes you need to cleanse a space in which you aren't able to burn anything. You could be traveling and want to cleanse your hotel room, maybe purify your toxic work environment, or even in your car to reduce the stress of traffic. Our sprays are perfect for these situations because they allow you to enjoy the cleansing benefits of these plant materials without the smoke! 

Shake well before using.  Spritz liberally. Avoid contact with the eyes.

4 oz.