Authentic Witchcraft: The Historical Tradition Revealed

Authored by Grayson Magnus

This is the primary textbook of Heritage Witchcraft Academy. HeritageWitchcraft.com Its purpose is to introduce new and potential students to the authentic, historical Witchcraft tradition.

Authentic Witchcraft is defined by three essential characteristics. First, Witchcraft is not religious. It has no gods, no prayer and no worship. Instead, it is based in a spiritual world-view called Animism.

The second defining characteristic of authentic Witchcraft is that every Witch has a Familiar-Spirit who is a primary source of his or her power. This relationship takes the form of a courtship and romance.

The final characteristic of authentic witchcraft is a subject long shunned by Wiccans and Neo-Pagans; The Devil. It is important for real Witches to understand what our ancestors believed about him and why. For true Witches, the Devil is the essence of the indiscriminate forces of nature and the dark aspects of the human psyche. He represents intellectual, sexual and moral freedom.

Publication Date:    Feb 6 2013

ISBN/EAN13:    1482309084 / 978-1482309089

Page Count:    128

Trim Size:    6" x 9"

Language:   English

Color:    Black and White