The Better Way of Life Program emphasizes the Shamanic method of self-discovery by connecting with the natural world and practicing present-moment awareness. This process allows us to consciously deepen our understanding of ourselves, as well as the world around us, through the Mind, Body, and Soul.

A Better Way of Life Program…

  • Assists in overcoming barriers looking at the whole perspective on all aspects of your lifestyle.
  • Explore inner happiness and ignite a sense of rebirth by understanding the disconnect within oneself.
  • Empower yourself to fulfill your life's purpose and awaken to a new and improved self. Learn effective strategies to overcome stagnation, and progress towards a brighter future.
  • Unlock new levels of your journey with the SPIRITS! Explore with curiosity and fascination as you ascend to the next level, guided by expert insights and knowledge.
  • Thus, the program introduces a life design template that will continuously change towards the FUTURE TO BE.

Through this 1-month, 2-month, or 3-month process, four threads of awareness will be explored; each month: Bringing awareness to Wellness as a holistic concept towards the life experience.

Element: Earth & Wind/East
Topic: Foundations
Take an all-encompassing approach by focusing on everything, rather than just what is positive or negative. This involves releasing what no longer serves a purpose, examining the mindset of a machine head, and expanding the mind to discover how it can function cohesively for a purpose of being.

Element: Fire/South
Topic: Renewed
Achieving optimal health through strategic lifestyle changes, guided by expert knowledge and personalized plans that promote physical and emotional well-being. By implementing healthier habits and addressing underlying imbalances, you can unlock your full potential and experience a revitalizing transformation. Trust in the power of this approach to release toxic energies and emotions, allowing for true personal power.

Element: Water/West
Topic: Nourish
The act of cleansing the heart can be guided by intuition, as the body signals the release of stored toxic energies. This transformation can lead to the cultivation of serenity and a better way of life, replacing the turmoil of intense emotions.

Element: Spirit/North
Topic: Preservation
Gain a deeper understanding of the connection between vibration and ourselves. By tuning in, we can foster a strong bond with our ancestors and the spiritual realm. Embrace a life free from self-hatred, negative thoughts, and isolation. Break free from the chains of self-centeredness to find true happiness.

Daily Practice
The daily practice for this program is breathing consciously, once a day, for 5-minutes. There will also be other creative exercises and coaching sessions to support you throughout the process.


1 month: Entry Level

  • Preparation Session: 30 minutes
  • 4-Topic Sessions: 60 minutes each
  • Integration Session: 30 minutes
  • Reciprocity: $1,500

2 month: Intermediate

  • Preparation Session: 30 minutes
  • 6- Topic Sessions: 60 minutes each
  • Integration Session: 30 minutes
  • Reciprocity: $2,300

3 month: Advanced

  • Preparation Session: 30 minutes
  • 8- Topic Sessions: 60 minutes each
  • Integration Session: 30 minutes
  • Reciprocity: $3,000

Together, we will create a conscious design that fits your unique life; Producing a state of well-being to get in touch with your spirit guides to bring in what we yearn for. That feeling of Serenity. Achieving this through a combination of stability and abundance, making everyday activities easier. This program is a hybrid of self-study and coaching, guiding you to the core with better lifestyle choices authentically stepping into the deepest version of your truth. I am here to help and support this transformation every step of the way towards A Better Way of Life!

- Danny, the Heavy Metal Shaman